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Carla’s Discovery


This meeting is called, “ Experience of an inner journey” because before I was able to “give birth” to these books, I went through a long period of great suffering. It was neither physical nor emotional, but a state of solitude.
This sense of solitude was so profound, so evident, so strong, that I was completely unable to appreciate my Life.
I was married, and still am, I have a wonderful family, so there really wasn’t anything responsible for my condition, but within me there was an emptiness that I was unable to alleviate, either through work, or my affections, nothing worked.
As I had had a catholic education and was educated by nuns, I have always been aware of God, and another dimension beyond this earthly one, but it was not the fundamental issue of my Life, I lived knowing that God existed, but I didn’t go into it too deeply.
Then something peculiar happened. When I was about 42, I began to have “strange” physical disorders, I was unable to think clearly, there was a continuous confusion in my head, and I couldn’t do anything in a logical way, in short, I lived immersed in this mental confusion.
Believing that it was a problem connected to bad circulation, I got treatment, but the confused state remained.
Then I met someone who said they were in contact with the hereafter, I didn’t argue this point, in fact, I wasn’t particularly interested, until I became aware that from the day I had met this person, I was even more confused than usual, and found it extremely difficult to
concentrate and do anything. So I asked her,”If you really can get in touch with the hereafter, can they tell you what is happening to me.”
She wrote down: ”There is nothing wrong with Carla, if she wants to know more, she must write.” I asked: “What do I have to write?” “..take a pen, put it on a piece of paper and begin to write.”
I take a pen, put it on the paper, and feel my hand moving, without me consciously willing it to.
I watch myself drawing lines, knowing that I have no intention of drawing lines, however, that was what my hand was doing.
In the middle of the page I write:”Mercury.” Immediately I thought of a thermometer, then I drew more lines and again wrote Mercury.
At the end of the page, this person said: “ This is your Spirit guide.” I was dumfounded and thought….a thermometer?”
She said:” no, it is the mythological Mercury”
I thought about it: this is dreadful and absurd, but my head had suddenly cleared, I was extremely lucid, and the confusion that had been with me for almost a year, disappeared.
When I got home, I said to myself,” Let’s see if I have found a cure for my head.”

I took a pen and started to write without stopping, filling up a small exercise book, never taking the pen off the paper. I didn’t dot the i, or cross the t, no punctuation, I drew spiral shapes and at the end, my head was perfectly lucid.
After that, I began to write, and tried to understand this mechanism
that had now become part of me.
I wrote for two years, not with much pleasure, but with great curiosity. I was convinced that I was always writing only what I already knew, but probably didn’t remember on a conscious level, and I believed that I had certainly read or heard about it before.
Then, on a very hot day in August, a friend of mine asked me to write a message for her.
We were in a house by the sea, on the terrace, I start to write: “ I am francis of assisi, and have been chosen by God to shed light on your curiosity for what is beyond your earthly dimension. That is enough for today, I see we can communicate well.
At this point I stopped, thinking that it was the heat or something else. I couldn’t believe that it was really francis of assisi, also because the name francis didn’t begin with a capital letter.
The next day I thought, “ let’s see if it was due to the heat, or if there is really something true in what happened.
I write again: francis of assisi, let’s chat as friends do when they make a journey together.”
“I know everything about you and you know nothing about me, have you ever read my writings?”
Actually I knew exactly who francis of assisi was and I knew about Clair, but I had never read anything written by him, I didn’t even know he had written anything.
I carried on writing and francis talked to me about Clair, his mother and father, and finished saying,” that’s enough of talking about me, get an exercise book, I will dictate and you will write, don’t censor me, let the most elevated part of you emerge and don’t worry if you don’t understand, the moment will come when we will be equal: I will dictate and you will understand.”
I get an exercise book and write: human components = body-soul-energetic spirit.
I have never studied philosophy so I had not the slightest idea of what I was writing about.
I began to write the first book “Light”, with a pronounced feeling that each chapter contradicted the previous one.
I read it to some friends who said,” It is Plato’s philosophy, it’s this it’s that, and I carried on writing.
To all intents and purposes,” Light” was published just as it had been dictated.

Halfway through the book, I became aware of what I was writing. By chance, the manuscript was read by a Professor in Florence who wrote to me,” You are writing an energetic doctrine. In ancient Greece, Hermes Trismegistus, called Mercury, was the repository of this; it is the patrimony of the franciscan order, with the Tao symbol; the ancient Essenes knew about it. I knew nothing about all this.
The book,”Light” should have been published by the Edizioni Mediterrannee as they had found it interesting, but the Voice that had dictated,(the real author of the book), at a certain point told me to speed up the publication, 6 months was too long, it had to come out at once.
I tried to spur on the situation, but they answered that it was impossible…. the scheduled time had already been reduced.
Then it happened, in a roundabout way and through acquaintances, that a friend paid for the book to be published, but the editor didn’t have a distribution network, I would have to see to the distribution myself.
I immediately understood why: doing it myself would enable me to understand the book better. Having to reply to questions from other people, I would understood what I had written.
Again in a casual way, in 1991, the book was published in Russia when who wanted to publish, had to pay. I did not ask for royalties, and I didn’t pay anything.
They printed 200,000 trial run copies. It stimulated so much attention in what was then the USSR, that there were orders for 5,000,000 copies. However, after the coup of August ’91, the Soviet Union was dissolved, and the central culture offices no longer existed, and for this reason, the copies that had been ordered were not printed, but the 200,000 copies remained.
I have no idea why the book was published in Russia, but the fundamental thing for me was, that I realized that I had written a scientific book, that was not only the fruit of my spiritual search.
The greatest interest in the book came from Russian physicists, who explained to me that all the principles of quantum physics could be found in the book. Moreover, they told me how I had acquired that information. Nothing to do with the paranormal. It is something completely natural even if it cannot be as yet entirely explained: the human being is a magnetic field, we are made up of atoms, therefore energy. Through photons, it is possible to have access to other dimensions where all this information can be found.
“Carla, the frequency of your photons (units of radiation), allow you to have this information in a simple way.” This mechanism was absolutely natural for them, it was neither paranormal, strange nor magic. This information exists, and there are people who are able to access it.

I realized that I had no willpower over this mechanism, because I would have elaborated more deeply certain topics, I wouldn’t have interrupted some chapters, I would have gone ahead with explanations, instead I felt a censorship. Therefore I only wrote simply what was dictated to me.
The wonderful thing about all this, is that it is almost 20 years and more that I have been putting these books into circulation, and I see the results. To read these books, to understand their profound meaning, to work on yourselves, changes your outlook on Life, it really makes you aware, it makes you go beyond all religions, beyond all the dogmas and impositions that we are subjected to, it puts us into contact with ourselves.
Then God is no longer a God sitting on a throne, who gives us orders and judges us, but a God of energy,a Whole that also includes us, it is within us and we are this Whole. This takes away our fear of Life, it gives a meaning to suffering, to sickness, to everything that
happens to us, if we consciously enter into, and become part of, this Whole.
In these books, it is wonderful how the cosmic Forces are explained.
We talk about Divine Providence, Chance, Coincidence, but we never stop and think what they are: it happened “by chance” but why precisely this one and not another?
There is an explanation in these books, one chapter after another, what we are, and what these Forces are, and how they interact with us.
At this point, Life really becomes meaningful. This is why I am happy when I can talk about them, and offer them to you, because I understand, that as they helped me, freeing me from fear and solitude, and the burden of life, so they can help many others, because you begin to feel that you are a cell of an infinite body, part of the Whole, not alone, not abandoned.
We are not given all the answers, because we live in a three dimensional state, and for now there are unexplainable things that we can’t profess to understand, but if we enter this perspective there are so many explanations, that otherwise we wouldn’t have.
The really great thing is that there are no impositions, rules or dogmas; the books want to give us the certainty to be part of a Whole, and then they always send us back again to ourselves.
Everything starts from within us.
So entering into this perspective, everything is different: there is no spite, obstinacy, envy, jealousy etc. There is a way of living that is so much less troubled, because one gets right to its essence.
We all are born and we all die. This is an undeniable reality, but when we go beyond earthly life, what will we take with us? Not what we have accumulated, absolutely no-one can take his house, bank account or offspring, but we take our intentions concerning all that we have done, only this remains in our energetic patrimony, because we are energy, made up of atoms, and these cannot be destroyed, just as they cannot be created.

It is therefore impossible to imagine that everything we have done can “disappear”, just because our body does.
The body “disappears” as it is made up of matter, and it transforms into other elements, but the Energy remains, and the Awareness with which we have lived remains within it.
With these certainties, Life really has different parameters, because it is not lived for its own sake, it is not a race to possess more, appearances are not important, what is important is to attain harmony, and succeed in living in the very best way, everything that Life
offers you.
I believe that being in harmony is the purpose of Life.
These books have helped me a great deal because they have removed the fear of tomorrow, of death that we all have more or less, and they have taught me to live NOW, to live the present moment, and above all to live it with awareness, knowing that what I do is not important in itself, but it is important for what it generates within me, based on what my intentions are while doing it. So, depending on my intentions, the consequences are mine.
I would really like to transmit the certainty that we are not alone, we are not abandoned to ourselves, but that we are apart of the Whole which is a Whole of Love.
If Life wasn’t Love, but was the opposite, if it wasn’t projected towards positivity, it would be extinct.
If Life gave us pain just to make us suffer, if Life’s obstacles were only meant to depress us and to make us angry….it wouldn’t be Life, it would be the end.
Instead, she offers us a problem so that through it, we can understand, she allows illness, so that through it, we can reflect.
Everything has a reason.
With these certainties, Life takes on another meaning, on one hand you become more aware, and on the other you are more carefree, because when you have absolved what your deepest instinct prompts you to do, and how to do it, nothing else is important.
Other people’s opinions, and even practical results become of little importance, because anyway we are serene and convinced that what we have done, within us, a Force has asked us to do.
Every now and then we find it difficult to adhere to our selves, because there is conflict between what our deepest instinct asks of us, and the persuasions and deliberations asked of us by others. If we avoid acting in any way that is not in line with what is asked of us
from within ourselves, we will be subject to an internal uneasiness that takes away our serenity.
We must convince ourselves that the only answer we must give to Life’s events, is what we profoundly feel is ours, what we perceive within ourselves.
We mustn’t think: am I hurting other people? How will they react?

Sometimes it is worse when we do something for others either to make them happy or to be accepted, or to increase our standing, or to avoid an argument, because then inside ourselves there is anyway a great emptiness and a feeling of frustration because we have not adhered to our real selves.
In all these years I have been constantly urged: BE YOURSELF, BE YOURSELF ALWAYS AND WHATEVER.
If we act in harmony with our selves, if we don’t intend to harm anyone, THEN WE WON’T.
Something else to take into consideration when dealing with others: I can’t know what is good or bad for another person. I can’t claim the right to do or not do something because it would be good or bad for someone else. I must simply do what I believe to be intimately right, what is important for me without the intention of hurting others.
If I have caused harm by my behavior, I will have to understand, that for that person, the event is a means for reflecting, and it will be Life that will offer him the solution to mitigate the effects, that without bad intentions, I have caused him.
In that case, acting as I did, I won’t have decided what was good or bad for the other person, I had simply adhered to my self, and this behavior will make me determined and serene, because I acted in harmony.
I wanted to give you this testimony because it seemed important to me to share it in a time of fear and anxiety. When you feel confused and mixed up, it can be helpful to hear that there is another way to behave towards Life.

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