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This must be taken as a personal message, absolutely personal.

Close your eyes and each one of you concentrate on yourselves, because
what I am going to say may seem intended for everyone, but as I know
who is listening, know your lives and souls, know your vibrations, I
will penetrate you one by one, so that what is said is not limited to
earthly listeners, but is truly a strong, powerful, concrete perception
on the Energetic level.

This moment in time that we are living is extremely important for each
one of us, so important that there is nothing we can do to avoid it.

Often we can feel our vibrations weighing us down, and we understand
from this that Life wants to teach us something.

Frequently we are tempted to escape, to make light of the situation, to
adapt ourselves to purely earthly ways, totally commonplace, so that
the exacting requests coming from our Energy are neutralized by these
banal ways.

I, knowing you, say that you don’t do this to refuse the Energy’s
requests, but only to make it less burdensome, as frequently you find
it too much for yourselves.

Just reflect: how can the Energy – which is Life, which is Love, which
is All, which is Absolute – ask you to take part in feelings and
stimulus that you are unable to cope with?

This cannot be.

So there is no reason for you to try and escape, because if “before”
you were in some way allowed to make less burdensome these sensations
and stimulus, because they were considered too heavy to cope with, now
it is not allowed any more, because the Force within you has not simply
doubled, but has become rapidly so much greater, so determined, so
perceptive that you can cope with whatever kind of improving impulses
comes from the Energy.

NOW, it is impossible for any of you to refuse or postpone coming to
terms definitely with yourselves.

You say that it is difficult to always think and act in energetic,
cosmic terms, and that it is easier to act in an earthly way.

NOW, it is not possible to reason in this way anymore.

To think of carrying on in this way, to perceive and feel on two
different wavelengths at the same time is no longer possible, it is no
longer allowed.

This is the time for coherence.


You must be coherent with yourselves.

I have to say that it isn’t important to live in a cosmic or earthly
way, but it is dangerous to live in a little cosmic and in a little
earthly way.

You can reason in either simple terms, believing that Life is a test
that you are given, to be able to vibrate and rise to higher levels, or
you can think that Life is nothing but an earthly entertainment in
itself, a pursuit of certain events, happenings and external show, in
that case you must live in conformity with these beliefs.

If life for you is external show, then live it in that way and don’t
talk about Energy or spirituality.

If, on the other hand, the concept of Energy, of spirituality, of being
a part of the All, has entered within you, you must live in conformity
with this, with coherence.

I repeat again: coherence.

It is the key word for this period.

When you are coherent you are truly united to the divine Forces.

You can be so transported by the Divine Force that you forget the ways
of living and perceiving Life as only of this earth. The resentments,
the stupidities, the abuses, the need to be better than others, to want
to show off; all this will seem far away, you won’t remember it any

So I urge you again to be coherent, knowing that each one of you, and I
really mean each one of you, have greatly developed your Energy, and
therefore the ability to accept stimulus now is certain, sure, and
absolutely victorious.



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