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Deciding together with life


We aren’t always sure about the best road to take: often Life obliges us to make decisions that cause us to panic instead of understanding why.
This means that we don’t pay attention to the moment we are living. Let me explain this better: if we live the moment, then the decision I make is relative to that moment, and in that moment I have all the info that I need.
This happens so that we are ”obliged” to make a decision in the precise moment that we are living.
When we hypothesize future decisions, then we probably don’t have the info that we need.
Then I become agitated and I look for information, and this isn’t necessarily wrong, but it should be conducted without fear or anxiety.
We must remember that all the situations we have attracted can be developed with the information and solution that Life offers us.
We have all the info that we need when it arrives, and when does it arrive? When the moment to decide arrives, when the situation is present and it is necessary to decide.
So we must learn to live the present moment NOW, and trust Life.
We can make many mistakes if we try to decide for the future.
We are not alone when we decide, we have Life beside us with solutions and the better part of us knows what we have to do.
We must learn to trust ourselves, let’s ignore the Mind and have faith in the superior part of us that wants us to live well, and helps us when we seem to be in difficult situations and when they are ready to be resolved.
When are they ready?
The best solution will appear when we have understood the lesson, when we have released the correct vibrations, then, and only then are we ready for the best solution to appear.


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