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Energetic Evolution


Let’s consider Evolution as a step that, “paves the way” towards a better Life.
This is not a complicated argument, but one that is pertinent to the moment.
Let me explain.
Evolution for a long time, has always been mostly a biological Evolution, and as a matter of course, it was followed by an energetic Evolution.
NOW, the energetic Evolution has the ascendancy over the biological Evolution. Particularly in the animal and human world, less in that of the plant world. Regarding the energetic factor that is “racing” to get into line with the superior vibration that is bombarding the Earth, biology is lagging behind.
What can human beings do to get into line with this Evolution that is so urgent, strong and determined?
They must believe with all their might, in themselves, this is the only way.
They must not betray themselves or let themselves be misled by those who have become hardened by Life’s difficulties. They must look on these difficulties as obstacles that the human being must overcome, and in doing so, give the best of himself.
Not everyone is able to adapt to this rapid Evolution, but this isn’t a problem, because those who have an Energy that is stabilized to the actual vibration of the Earth, and are unable to gain access to a superior vibration, can peacefully stay where they are, because Life is aware of this, and lovingly protects the person.
This happens when the person cannot make more progress.
It is different for those who are programmed, and so are able to gain access to a superior vibration, but deliberately refuse to, because it is demanding, it is a very effective contact and in some ways can be very fatiguing.
Why fatiguing?
Because it is difficult to eliminate the Mental conditioning that influences our way of life.
To refuse in advance, the opportunity to gain access to a superior vibration, because it all seems too difficult, means that you are taking a stand and assuming responsibility for a position that is contrary to what Life wants from you.
If we decide not to participate in this Evolution because we refuse to use all the instruments we have within us, we must also ask ourselves why.
Is it because we do not want to relinquish certain conditioning habits, because we are afraid of living and reasoning, adhering to ourselves, so we prefer to live and reason according to society’s rules?
It is extremely important at this moment, to understand this, because it is from the “mingling” of all our internal vibrational-frequencies, that we can get the strength and ability to make this new prospect take root, a new vibration to gain entrance to a new paradigm, which will lead us to living a different life, more harmonious, stable and perfectly aware.
The word aware is a great word!

If we are Aware that we are Energy, and understand that our task on this Earth is to make our Energy vibrate to its utmost, adhering to the will of God, to the divine stream, we must not spare ourselves until this happens: adhere to God; adhere to the Divine stream.
It is not easy in the beginning, because we are conditioned in so many ways, and we have to force ourselves. However, once the decision has been made, to adhere to the new paradigm, to the new frequency, then we must focus on this without distractions.
When our Energy, through our decision, is launched towards a superior vibration, any distraction comes at a high price.
Once launched, it must not be obstructed, because any type of obstacle could be explosive. It is no longer “something” tranquil that “moves,” it is an energetic mass that advances tumultuously. It can be neither stopped nor obstructed. That is why even thoughts, attitudes, the way you deal with situations, if not done in the correct way will cause an energetic “disturbance” which will cause a loss of balance, gravity and stability. Absolute attention must be given to controlling our thoughts and attitudes. When your Instinct suggests something, adhere without hesitation or fear, because your Instinct is there to guide you.
To be part of this new paradigm will be a surprise. Some people are already part of it, others have an inkling, but everyone will experience a new and unexpected way of living.
Because what you think about will happen, but you will not have unsuitable thoughts, you will see things in a different way, no longer actions that are focused on having and doing, but simply BEING.
The new actions-situations will lead us to BEING.
We will be Aware that Life offers us this so we can BE, and in this BEING, manifest the Divine Force.


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