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Energetic “Rolling”


Harmonious beings “Roll” in the vibrations, and are not subject to external interference.
Having said this I want to remind you that you are not only material beings, you are energetic beings too.
To let yourself roll in the vibration means that you absorb every component of the vibration.
There are no obstacles in energetic rolling, everything is fluid and amalgamates with the Whole.
Each one of you is structured with diverse vibrations and therefore you vibrate on your own frequencies.
How can this be when it has been said that everyone is part of the Whole and we are all One.
When we do not allow ourselves to be conditioned by our limited human understanding, and we adhere to cosmic logic, then this mechanism can be understood.
Although we are all divine beings, we are not all able to reach the divine frequency.
The divine frequency is the highest frequency that can be expressed on the planet Earth.
Divine beings encompass everything on planet Earth from minerals to human beings.
Everything is divine because the Whole permeates every Earthly element.
The individual who is able to vibrate with a stable, perceptive Harmony can enter into the maximum frequency of the divine. Those still subject to energetic interference, remain on an inferior frequency.
Every frequency is divided into positive, negative and neutral. Remember that I am only talking about energetic polarity, not about good or bad.
In the personal frequency there are all the energetic problematics that permeate the individual.
The personal frequency vibrates and resounds in resonance with the Whole, and it is this resounding that highlights the points of harmony or disharmony in the frequency itself.
The human personality is not easily predisposed to energetic pulsations, and this leads to a strong interference in the typology of the frequency.
To make our Harmony stable, we need to constantly make the vibrations that permeate us, uniform, and this will result in a stable and harmonious frequency.
The difficulty that the individual meets with in his evolutional journey, corresponds exactly to this mechanism: the more stable and harmonious you are, the more you will enter into Evolution.




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