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Let us NOW take from the imperfect Form we have assumed, the corners where we have placed the ways of the Old Energy to deaden them.
We had covered them with Love and Gratitude and we had a party.
NOW is the moment to put them together: each one of you takes her own imperfect Form and places it in the centre of the circle.
They are congregating together, many are assimilated because the problems are communal, and they assimilate by vibrations.
This heap in our midst is without form, amorphous: it is a mass bewildered by the flowers and by the party we gave them, swamped by the Gratitude, and by the Love that permeated it.
A disoriented heap.
We will accompany them to a final desensitization, with Thoughts of great Love and Gratitude.
We beg them not to take on a form again but to remain amorphous.
Watching them we profoundly thank them for everything they have taught us: what was once our dark corner has fused with the others and is a part of an indefinable mass.
There is no Form.
NOW, that mass aggressively asks us to abandon it.
Each of us takes a piece of that formless Mass and throws it wherever we want to: we must destroy it or to be more precise, pull it apart to be dispersed in space.
NOW that space is empty, that the formless Mass has gone, we will create a mountain of petals of roses and other flowers, with our thoughts, until each of us can recognize ourselves in a flower.
The mountain is growing, it is full of colours and perfumes……..
Let us take a handful, not to throw away but to put inside us.
Let us keep the memory of that formless Mass of the Old Energy that has been dispersed in space, and the Mass of the New Energy we have created.
Part of this Creation is within us: we have made this resolution to Life, to be of Complete Service and Awareness to it.


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