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Let us open up to a Certainty, or better still let this Certainty be firmly inserted within us: nothing is impossible for us.
This is not a pipe dream, it is real: we are part of Life understood as Evolution, and it is expected of us, that we do not violate our personal principles regarding Life and Evolution.
In this way we are omnipotent.
Because everything that Life and Evolution offers us is appropriate for us, it is part of the evolutionary process that contributes to the general Evolution, and as so, is within our reach.
To be Scared, and withdraw already before the first Event, to stay on the threshold of Life without allowing ourselves to live completely, will lead us into that dark corner of Stagnation which we have visualised in the previous meditation.
NOW let us close our eyes and, staying strong, adhering to ourselves, let the New Energy flow again within us.
Breathing deeply and slowly, maintaining a Relaxed state of Certainty: nothing for us is impossible.
Everything that Life sends us, we can and we know how to deal with.
Don’t analyse too much the way we deal with them, because when we are convinced, certain of the supremacy of the divine Force compared to the Force of our Minds, we are certain to be able to carry out everything that the Force asks of us, in the way that the Force wants.
Let this Energy flow into us and – full of Joy, determined and aware – we open ourselves to its wishes, ready and willing to be used according to its canons.
We are like little soldiers waiting for our orders.
They will never be foolish, violent or absurd, but always directed towards our Well-being and that of others.
Some of us will be used in their familiar environment; others will have to change their Lifestyle, job, and expectations, based on what Life imposes at that moment.
However, we have nothing to Fear.
We must hold tight to ourselves with Strength, Determination, and Certainty: nothing can threaten us if we follow what Life wants.
Establishing this New Energy can make you have the sensation of being on a swing: a little way forward and a little way backwards, always getting faster.
Let us hold on to the swing very tightly.
We can never fall off because however fast we go, Life will always be there to support us.
When we swing backwards, it is not to remember the past, the old ways: it is to get the thrust to go even higher.
WE have to see the past as our reserve of fuel, because there we have put all the vibrations that we need to make progress.
We must be conscious that we have already had the experience of the Old Energy, and now we are ready for the New.
I beg you to not ask yourselves what you should do, because this doesn’t belong to the New Energy: it acts permeating you in an autonomous way, without any kind of pre directive from your thoughts.
Adhering to Evolution is enough: plus the Determination to be well and make progress.
This Energy also resolves many health problems, because it is powerful and dominates Matter.
We really need to be strong, because adhering to this Mew way of Life changes the previous parameters and “rules of the Old Energy, and it is easy as I said before to find oneself disoriented.
However, with the Certainty to be guided and loved, and having left space for the highest part of yourselves, you can get over this disorientation.
To enter permanently in the New Energy, we must put aside Thoughts relative to the Old Energy when they present themselves.
Observe them, and in an educated manner, put them aside.
This is because we must be aware of having already dealt with them: their significance has been analysed in every detail.
NOW it is enough.
If they are so annoying as to represent themselves in continuation, your Force must be even more determined: it is ENOUGH.
The Determination to live with the New Energy will make you completely change your perspective of Life, and make you inalienable, because you will no longer be assailed by Problems.
The Event will no longer be a Problem; on the contrary it will be simply something that must be dealt with. No longer will you live going from one Problem to another, a different method will be used: there is the Event that has to be dealt with, and Life that will help us to do it.
Defend your interior Self, your Being.
Do not force it on anyone, but at the same time, do not allow anyone to trample on it, to belittle it, to debase it.
Accept that you will now see people, events and Life in a relative way: it’s part of the New Energy.
Everything is relative
Give yourselves priorities.
First there are you with your Harmony.
Now everything has accelerated, it’s very rapid: what you may see in the morning can be turned upside down in the evening.
Accept this too, because it is part of Establishing the New Energy.
If you have not been able to leave all your problems and thoughts of the Old Energy in the Stagnation, the New Energy will summon them all up unexpectedly, then in the same way put them aside.
It might happen that occasionally you go back to the old thoughts, don’t consider it a step backwards, it is only another form of cleansing.
Please DON’T analyse yourselves any more in the old way.
Feel yourselves as new: floating and flexible, ready to be used by Life.
Don’t be afraid of digressing in Superficiality, this is not asked of you.
Lightness is asked of you, a strong and powerful vibration, and fundamental to adhering to Life.
Let’s go back to the picture of you ROLLING along a road of petals and in the end you become a mass of perfumed and colourful petals.
This is a picture of Lightness, which must accompany you in those moments when you return to the heavy going ways of the Old Energy.
More people are becoming involved in the New Energy, and they aggregate and expand this Energy, which continues to attract more people.
A Mass that is becoming enormous.
However there is no need to look with compassion and commiseration, at those who still live in the Old Energy.
An Appeal to not judge is always valid, because in the New Energy, Judging is not envisaged.
The New Energy knows that everything has a special purpose for Evolution, where everything is needed and nothing is wasted.
Our job is to establish this Energy within us, to play with It, to be totally Aware of It and not judge others.
To feel part of Evolution should make us feel, on one side the fantastic sensation of being useful, to be doing the right thing, to adhere to what Life asks of us, and on the other side, it must activate within us a great Humility, because it is not our Minds that have decided what we must do, when we must do it, where we must do it, how we must act, no, it is Life that offers us the how, where and when. Humility must be with us always, because with Humility we fit perfectly in the divine stream, and really feel ourselves as a cell of a whole, and consequently we can be used by Life in a perfect way.
Let us concentrate on ourselves.
I repeat again: we must hold on tight in this moment, because living in adherence with the New Energy, we can send messages externally – to those who still live in the Old Energy – and they can become disoriented.
We can note in others unexpected reactions: often it isn’t what we say or do that causes the reaction from another, but the Intention, the vibration we use to say or do something.
We must strenuously defend ourselves.
This New Energy is pervading everyone, but only a Mass is aware and accepts it.
The others let it flow in them but it remains inactive, as if it wasn’t there, as they are still linked to the Old Life style.
The Mass that adheres with awareness to the New way of living is very strong and incisive, and it will be these who create the Change.
A Change that cannot be predetermined is without rules, laws or leaders; a Change made with the contributions of everyone, wanted by Life, and based on parameters still unknown.
Life wants to amaze us and uses us to change situations and Life styles.
Let us make it easier for Life reminding ourselves that WE are Life, so we must never oppose it.
Here are some key words that we must repeat like a Mantra:
Repeat these words within ourselves, without giving them a meaning: they are words that go and find their corresponding vibration; they need no help from us.
When I say Humility, I don’t mean it in the Old way: I must know that this is a vibration that at the same moment that I live it, I allow it to manifest itself as it wants to, attracting situations to me where I can express Humility; the same goes for Lightness, Awareness, Surrender.
We must leave everything in complete and absolute Liberty.
Life must be free to introduce into us the correct stimuli so that we can emanate the right vibrations.
These are Thoughts that must transform into Sensations.
We have not talked about the Mind, but Energy.
We have simply aroused these Concepts that are already within you, they are yours.
Try to live all this with a great, immense Awareness.

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