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Self -healing 1

Is it possible to heal oneself?
Of course it is, considering that we can cause our own illness.
So it is a reversible process?
What do we need to heal ourselves?
First of all, the Awareness that we are ill.
This is the most important thing.
The moment that we are able to be Clear about this, we have already taken a step forward towards Self-healing.
Sometimes you hear of people who receive the so-called “miracle” without even asking for it, so we ask: were these people aware or not? Did they want to get better or not? Did they ask for a miracle or not?
At this point we enter into the area of the Energy.
We have said many times that the Energy is multidimensional.
Often there is spontaneous recovery, which we attribute to this Life, to the Body that we have, but is actually asked for, begged for and pursued in parallel Lives.
This is how “Miracles” happen to people that to us, seem unaware.
There are however, cases of individuals who want to get better and are perfectly aware of the Body, and NOW we live in it but don’t know why. It’s always the same mechanism relative to the multi dimensionality of our Being – in other Lives there is a Refusal – regarding Healing.
If in the first CASE there is nothing that we can recriminate about, because faced with a Healing in front of a “Miracle” there is immense Joy. In front of a Situation that doesn’t resolve itself, notwithstanding all the Will power and Awareness expressed, there is Pain, Frustration, Dejection and Questions follow Questions.
Why is this happening, am I doing everything possible? Why can’t I find the right Way? Why doesn’t Life give me a hand?
These are difficult Questions that are discouraging and rationally rarely find an answer.
When we talk of parallel Lives, of the Multidimensionality of the Being, we are entering an unknown field, which is very difficult to discuss, because we are permeated with the Logic of Three-dimensionality, so to talk about Multidimensionality could be very risky: we risk entering an area where Expectations and Confusions could be numerous.
So let us try to simplify, with an example of a person who consciously and rationally thinks she is doing everything possible to resolve her Health Problem, but without getting Results. In this case we can be certain that the Impediment does not come from the Potential that our Mind and Body can express in this Life, but from a Legacy coming from parallel Multiuniverses.
We must Reflect on this at once: admitting that parallel Lives exist ( I am speaking to the sceptics, for those who do not accept the multidimensional Logic) why must I pay for something NOW
that I cannot be conscious of in this Life, and in particular that I cannot act on it in any way?
This Question is absolutely pertinent; it is three dimensional, but totally absurd and inexistent considering our Energy.
The truth is, that Energy is unique: it IS here, conscious of the Life it is living, but also of a parallel Life of which we have no knowledge, unless it is of the Life corresponding to that Dimension.
That Dimension however, is part of us, of our Energy, and therefore it obviously conditions us.
NOW something else to consider: everything that Life offers us, that we attract, is never useless, NEVER ever.
Even a painful situation like an Illness that we are unable to find a cure, is not without a purpose, because it forces us to know ourselves better, to search in the hidden corners of our Being, forcing us to draw out our Strength, our Perseverance and Patience, that otherwise we couldn’t do.
Nonetheless, it is absolutely necessary to arrive at a Conclusion. The Human Mind needs Conclusions.
Conclusions are simply these: if I find myself in this Condition it is because I chose it, and through it I can make an evolutionary Step forward.
To really feel this Conclusion is mine, and is not just a Thought coming from the Mind, I need to soak myself in Humility.
It is necessary to accept the Situation, try to understand it, love it because it is giving you a greater Knowledge of yourself.
Only afterwards can we try to find a solution, because then we will attract the tools we need to find it.


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