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Self – healing 2

Established that we are “one” and our Being is multidimensional, we can make other Considerations.
If one of my frequencies, different from the ones I know, but unconsciously carried by me, can influence me, it is also logical that I can influence that frequency. Precisely because I am “one”
Therefore the frequency of a parallel Life is influencing me, and I am influencing that Life.
It is important to understand that we are “one” just like our Energy is “one” and so we can influence another Life of which we know nothing.
In the same way, we must be aware that this Life unknown to us, can influence the Life we know now.
So that we do not create confusion in our Minds, to avoid complications and difficulties, we need to think of ourselves simply as “one”
We are like the many Segments of a fruit.
At this moment we have the problem of Healing and admitting that the Block to be healed comes from one of those Segments that we know nothing about: it is this Segment that is preventing it.
How can we act in an Area of which we know nothing? We do not know why there is an Obstacle, we do not know the Form this Obstacle takes,, but we are conscious that this Obstacle is there.
We can do it simply by loving and accepting ourselves.
The vibration of Love transcends all our Segments, so that any Segment that gives off Love, invades our entire Being.
I can admit that part of me does not want to get better, and this is part of the unconscious, (as on the conscious plane I am convinced that I want to be healed)
I love this part however, that doesn’t want to be healed the part that has no knowledge of this Segment that is suffering, and manifesting a Will that is characterised by Suffering, in contrast to Life.
When I love myself I unite my frequencies without needing to know why this Block exists, which Life I am provoking, what Event created the Situation. I just want to stop to what I have knowledge of. I want to resolve the Situation, and not allow that any part of me can Block the Healing process, because I love myself, and I love the part that is blocking me, even if I am still unaware of it.
This part still needs to Suffer.
With Awareness, and the Maturity that NOW I have. I do not want to be made of this.
I, tiny Cell, I love myself and all the parts that make up my Being.
Only in this way can I be in Harmony with the Divine.
Only in this way can I attract the right Conditions to remove the Block, and heal myself.

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