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SUFFERING AND DEATH -F.Tassone interviews Carla Parola

Today there is great Suffering linked to Death.
A Suffering for those who have to face it, and those who are near the person who is dying.
What is the correct, ecological Way when facing Death?

One needs to face Death only in the following way: a natural way.
Unfortunately we are not accustomed to this.
In the West, Death is lived as a defeat, and we continue to say,” Poor thing, he was so young…he didn’t deserve it…. he could have lived many more years” without understanding that, in Nature everything lives and dies, so also the Human Being, as part of Nature, is born and dies.
I think this is the Journey that we must do in these years: repossess the true Sense of Life, meaning an earthly Journey not as an end in itself, but towards Harmony and Evolution
All Journeys have a Beginning and an End; therefore Death is also part of this Journey.
We must Reflect on something else concerning this: it is unlikely that the person who is ill does not know the Gravity of his Situation, and probably has no idea that Death is getting closer.
The fiction continues, through Relatives and with Others it is simply a Misunderstanding: Relatives try to delude the patient. and the patient does Not want to delude the Relatives, but this is the wrong way to face such a Situation.
We need to face it as a Natural Event: there is Life and there is Death.
The more we talk about it and prepare ourselves, the more we exorcize the Fear of death, and the more we enrich ourselves.
We truly enrich ourselves.
We can acquire incredible Information caring for a Relation, an Individual who is very ill, We receive it and we donate it, and the Patient really feels understood and he does not Need to pretend.

It is a Journey We must make during this Period.
We must not consider ourselves omnipotent, to the point of hibernating to ward off Death.
To tell the Truth, Death does not exist, therefore we must not be afraid: it is simply a changing of Our State, the State we know.

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