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Let us now talk about Acceleration. It is not a fantasy just concerning the energetic level, but it also involves the practical level.

NOW events are seeking each other out, they are colliding, overturning, and resolving situations with unprecedented speed.

This Acceleration is taking place so that the human race is able to lift their actual vibration to a superior level. Obviously not all human beings will vibrate at a superior level, not everyone can be part of this, or even be aware of it, this is because when you accede to a superior level your DNA changes its physical components, and not all human beings have this predisposition. It is sufficient that the mass of people known as the “critical mass” exists, and reaches this vibration for it to be established on Earth. In some way, those who are not part of this vibration will have a more difficult and complicated Life, because they are not able to adjust to the change.

Probably you think that this Acceleration will lead to a new way of living on Earth. The new way is already here: it is up to you to go and find it, and with Awareness enter this vibration. Even if on Earth there was a vibration of a superior level, but you continue to think, live and act with the old vibration, you will be excluded from the evolutionary process.

NOW there is a large number of people who live in an accelerated state already, who have given the Earth a very strong tremor to make this superior vibration part of Earth itself, a vibration of positivity.

It will not change everything, as some people think, but change will be felt in the environment of those who are able to live with this Acceleration. Those who are unable to do this will continue to live as they do now, but will note that many people and sections of the population live in a different way. Unfortunately this will lead to even more violence and clashes, because there will be those who cannot accept that there are people ” blessed” by fate, while they are gasping in the mud: this is what happens when there is an impossibility to accede to a superior vibration.

Among these there are also people whose makeup does not allow them access to a superior vibration, but in these cases they will anyway be tranquil, peaceful people who will observe the different way some people live, but accept their own way quite passively.

Then there are those whose Minds and personalities stop them from access to this superior vibration, they cannot let go, and it will be a torment for them. First they will become depressed because the Energy does not stimulate the Mind to quieten it any more. During this depression there could be a moment of reflection when the person decides to withdraw within himself, and without so many external noises, is able to listen to his Self. If however he is unsuccessful, there will only be a process of stillness and apathy, not an involution. There will be a period of almost total apathy after the depression, and he will just live.

Many people will be angry, jealous and full of envy towards those who have had the chance of acceding to a superior vibration and have done so. Who manages to reach this superior vibration should be a limpid example for others, and not let anger or envy touch them.

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