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Let us honour the Earth and honour ourselves.
We are the Earth, we are One.
The Respect, the Love, Veneration and Reverence that we owe the Earth, must have the same Matrix within us.
We must honour, love, venerate and respect ourselves, because only with these vibrations functioning in us, can we then let them flow onto Nature, onto the people near us, and on everything that surrounds us.
We are living in a delicate Moment, and very demanding for those who refuse to understand, and persist in living in the Old Paradigm, defending their Ideas, and remaining impervious to the New that is advancing.
On the other hand this Moment is very gratifying for those that feel the New Excitement within them, and are already Aware of the Change.
Each of us must Change in the best way.
Change does not mean to upset oneself, taking on Characteristics that do not belong to your DNA, it simply means living in the best way possible transforming the things that have made you suffer, into your strong points.
If we have suffered about something it is because we are very sensitive regarding that subject: there are open wounds within us, which makes us live with an inconsonant vibration.
All this must become our Strength, our strong points.
We Observe Nature humiliated, insulted, burnt.*
We can visualize it full of Life, in Movement, New.
From the Ashes something New can arise.
In the same way, what is dead within you, what has made you suffer and still hurts can become the motivation to carry on.
First of all we have to Accept the dissonance within you, loving it and most of all working with it so that it does not hurt you again.
NOW Acceptance is very important.
All the vibrations are more intense, but there are some that lead the way towards the New, to Consolidate the, by now active New, which you are already Aware of.
It needs to be stabilized, and the Way of doing this is through certain vibrations: the Reinforcement, the Awareness, the Coherence, the Humility and NOW, the Acceptance.
An Acceptance not conditioned by you.
The Massacre of the Earth must be accepted because Life has allowed it.
It has been allowed so that we can reflect, underlining something that must be made harmonious because it is terribly disharmonic. Something that we must keep at a Distance because it is about the Way of being, thinking, presenting oneself to Life, in a clear contrast to Life itself, created by poor
Ignorant beings.
Accepting this, means admitting that not everything is perfect, that there are Points where not only is there no Perfection, but the lack of Harmony is at an extremely high level.
There is a Separation from the vital Force because a situation of great Suffering exists.
Accepting this leads you to accept the Part of you that Suffers, knowing that this Suffering NOW must be kept at bay but not driven away: everything must be welcomed. The Suffering must be mild, transient because what must triumph in you is the Certainty of the Love that Life has for each one of you.
You are Life, you are Love, and you are the Part of God that has been called to live in Harmony with the divine.
Don’t make the Mistake of forgetting this, don’t become involved with those who yell loudest who want to Frighten you.
Simply be yourselves, living in the best way you can, accepting and loving yourselves.

*Refers to the fires on Pantelleria and Sicily.

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