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If we search within ourselves for Serenity, Tranquillity, Peace and Coherence, we will then find Awareness.
This is a wonderful word that belongs to a powerful vibration, of an Energy, limpid and splendid, that is NOW invading the Earth, and will always become stronger and determined, and ever more present.
Every day Awareness will be more in our Thoughts, our Actions, and our Lives.
To be aware of who we are, of the journey we are taking, of the goals we want to reach, of the purpose of why we are on this Earth, the reason why we attract certain situations instead of different ones: these are the things we must become aware of.
However the scenario changes when we become Aware of our Limitations.
Generally we find it difficult to accept our Limitations, and so we try not to consider them or make light of them, even falsify the truth to ourselves.
To be Aware of our Limitations is an amazing Accomplishment: it means to accept ourselves completely.
No one exists without Limitations in our world.
Now let us be clear about what they are.
Limitations come from our Energy, which gives us both marvellous Abilities and equally marvellous Shortcomings.
Shortcomings or Limitations must not be lived as a Failure or something to hide, they must be understood, accepted and loved.
There are Limitations that we must try to overcome, and here it is Life that will tell us how to do it, putting us in Situations where to have a positive Result, we are forced, to overcome those Limitations (or what we consider they are).
Then we will discover within us the Resources that up to that moment we did not know we had.
When however, Life insists that we overcome our Limitations, then we must accept them, love them and be grateful.
If for example I am not a courageous person, and I don’t feel able to
“ fight them” then I won’t attract Situations where I have to, because my Limitations would prevent me from dealing with that type of Situation.
The Situation is different in the case of Life urging me to overcome my Limitations. Maybe then it will be Life that offers me Situations and the means to overcome them; thereby I will prevail over my Limitations.
We love and accept ourselves so much more when we become aware of our Limitations.
We must see ourselves as imperfect beings in our Perfection.
As divine beings, as part of the divine we are perfect, and also the Limitations, the Imperfections are part of the Perfection of God, because God is everything.
Accept this Concept within ourselves, make it ours, living it constantly with Awareness, without dissembling, or trying to be or appear to be, someone we are not.
Accepting ourselves just as we are.
The Awareness of our Limitations will be our Treasure, it will lead us to love ourselves and not feel guilty, to live a Personality that notes that Limitation as something relative.
Our Energy is without Limitations because it is divine, and therefore devoid of Limitations; it is our Personality that has them, and this is precisely why they must be lived in a relative way.
We must try to keep ourselves at a Distance so that we don’t become involved in a way of living that is not in harmony with the divine within us.
Let us flow in the stream of Life with Awareness, Serenity, Joy, Surrender and Coherence, loving ourselves as we really are.

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