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Today we will talk about the difficulty almost all human beings have to adhere to the divine in a determined, continuative, coherent and conscious way.
It is an extremely important issue in this phase of Change to the vibration.
We must always remember that having the perception of a new vibration, and feeling the Change within us, does not automatically mean that Change has germinated in us, because the Change, Variations, and access to a new Way of Energy and Life, in any case always needs corroboration.
The Energy is never satisfied with what the Mind thinks; actually it is often in contrast with it.
The Energy needs answers that are coherent, conscious and pertinent to what has been asked for.
When we have to deal with an Event, we must take great care to manage it in a “divine” way, with our superior part activated, understanding that the Event has value depending only on the vibration we emit at that moment.
This Way of Living is very fatiguing for the human being.
Even if it should be natural as the human being is divine, he is part of the divine, and is permeated with the divine, so it should be instinctive for him to always act in a divine way. However, the vibration that has permeated the Earth up to now is saturated in earthliness and duality, therefore every individual has to choose when faced with an Event between an earthly way or a divine cosmic way.
The earthly Way is also a divine Way because the divine is everything, but it has a frequency more tuned to the Earth, and is so saturated with the earthly vibrations which are often expressed by the conditioning of everything that the Earth can offer, and this causes the human being to distance himself from his true Self and Instinct, so he acts not with the divine but from an earthly source.
The new vibration, the New Energy that is permeating a large part of humanity, needs Determination, Coherence and Consciousness to be able to take root in a definitive way in the human being.
Coherence must be absolute and Control over one’s Actions and Thoughts is necessary and continuous, because in this phase, to oscillate between the Earthly Way and the Cosmic one, makes the Energy confused and warped. This is because the Energy that adheres to the New Paradigm– even if it is strong,– when it is “ insulted” by incoherent earthly vibrations, it backs away, leaving the human being without protection.
To be ambivalent now is very dangerous, because the Energy does not want either Insults or Compromises.
Once we have understood that the New Paradigm is right for us, we will be able to feel it, to perceive it, and with it we will have new Thoughts, new Reasoning, new Judgements about events and people; then we must maintain a well-balanced New Way, avoiding it becoming obscure. However whatever we have to do, this Way must come first.
Never before has everything that goes from the Mind to the Energy in an ”abstract” form, had such an immediate effect on the physical.
Our physique cannot have stability unless our Coherence is total.
Our physical problems should be first analysed in the light of this lack of Coherence, in the light of our answers to what our Energy asks of us.
Our objective is to live the divine constantly, with responsibility and above all with determination: there are no short cuts, and it’s no good trying to be “clever” and if we mess up today we can do better tomorrow: even if the Energy will accept our apologies, the damage remains.
The Energy affects the physical because, without judging our “foolishness”, it has to absorb a vibration that does not correspond to what was asked for, and therefore it is a vibration not coherent to our divine part.
The Energy does not judge or punish, but is “offended” weakened, and this affects our physique.
Let us try to keep in mind all of this, to NOW put Coherence as number one in our way of living.
If we have chosen to adhere to the New Paradigm, if we feel it ours, then appropriate it quickly, definitely, in a stable way, not tomorrow but NOW.
This will be possible giving the right answers, and acting quickly in a divine way.


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