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Every time we think about ourselves we are tempted to analyze ourselves: we use these thoughts as analysis.
But we should ask ourselves how often are we objective regarding ourselves, how often does our analysis really correspond to our being.
Not very often.
This is because we only want to understand ourselves as our personality, our Ego.
The right way to analyze ourselves is to see ourselves as Energies, as energetic beings, Energies that have to follow an earthly route to achieve Harmony.
Our analysis will be then completely different, because it will be done with Love towards ourselves, banishing guilt, having tenderness for us as Energies making progress.
When we analyze ourselves we are very often conditioned by how others see us: we try to understand ourselves, to analyze ourselves in order to please others, to be accepted by them.
If we change our point of view and we analyze ourselves as Energies, the others will be only a means to understanding ourselves in a better way; our goal won’t be to be accepted by others, but simply we will use the other person as a tool that we attracted, to get to a greater self-Awareness.
It is a change of mentality.
It is a different point of view.
In human beings the knowledge of oneself is something unavoidable, it is a need: we must and we want to know ourselves.
There are many different ways in which this Knowledge is implemented.
We must give priority to the one that leads us to Awareness of ourselves as Energy, as beings made of frequencies, vibrations: we must “see ourselves” rather than understand ourselves.
When the mind analyzes our behavior, our Ego, we must also listen to that “background” of perceptions, instincts, inconveniences or certainties that we often suffocate because our analysis is greatly conditioned by others, by their expectations.
Even when I am sure of how I am, I can convince myself that I am mistaken, because others want me differently.
The reflection that you have to do must be simple: why did I attract someone who wants me to be different from what I am?
Perhaps, I can have a chance to improve myself through this external goading.
But, if I adhere to a will that does not depend on me, do I reach the Serenity, the Harmony?
Or am I in a constant state of tension because this incitement to change simply reveals an external will that I don’t want to accept?
How much can I dissemble? How far can I convince myself that I am different from how I really see myself?

These are important and profound thoughts and they should be full of a great Love towards ourselves.
We have to put order in our thoughts, in our life, giving priority to ourselves.
The first thing to keep in mind is that we are Energies in progress, whose aim is to improve their frequency to reach Harmony.
This is the basic principle on which we have to base our earthly experience.
In order to achieve this Harmony it is necessary that the vibrations that animate our Energy are harmonious.
When I talk about vibrations I mean everything that we generally call personal characteristic that have to do with feelings.
When we talk about generosity, altruism, greed, selfishness, laziness, hyperactivity, we have to think that we are talking about nothing but vibrations that invade our being, our cells.
When all these features are harmonious within us, it means that we have reached the goal of Life: Harmony.
If we are on Earth it is because this Harmony is not ours yet: we are here to reach it and, for this to happen, we must be active and make the disharmonic vibrations visible (what we call “flaws”).
The flaws of our personality.
Sometimes we are conscious and sometimes we are not, but the Energy, knowing that this is a disharmonious vibration in us, will attract people and situations through which we can get to Harmony.
It is through the external provocations caused by certain situations that we will be forced to deal with our disharmonic flaws.
Each of us knows that life proposes again and again the same themes because each of us is the carrier of one or more disharmonic vibrations.
The goal of life is to make these vibrations harmonious.
The other is the means we attract into our Life that must reflect on us, not on them.
We must not feel guilty if we don’t reach Harmony immediately, neither should we analyze ourselves angrily, with guilt, with annoyance, because all this creates an obstacle to the Knowledge of ourselves.

By apologizing to ourselves we are showing great Love for ourselves. Always.
We think we are right, when having no desire to improve ourselves; we postpone the improvement until tomorrow.
It is not like that: in this way we do not love ourselves, and we are simply wrong.
When Life shows any inconsistency, any disharmony, when Life seems to be hostile because everything seems to row against us, this is a blessed moment, a moment of reflection and so even in moments of discouragement, fear and even panic, we can find the way out.
If we are attracted to extreme situations it is because we are in the exact spot of finding the solution to the problem.
This is because the signs that Life gave us along our earthly path were not fully understood.
Life never gives up because it knows that its task is to take us to Harmony, so it puts us in a position, which makes us attract extreme events.
I repeat: they are blessings.
When we are frightened, when we do not have solutions, we must stop, bow our heads, immerge ourselves in Humility, Accept what is, rather than torture our Mind for solutions.
We have always done this, we have always tried to band-aid events without fully understanding them.
When we face the extreme event, we need Silence, Surrendering to Divine Providence and great Humility.

It is only from this silence and this humility that the solution comes or, rather it becomes evident, as it has always been there but – since we were too focused on ourselves, prejudices, expectations – we have never seen or accepted it.
Life is great, it is Love-soaked, and this Love pushes every cell of the Universe towards Harmony.
Let us be carried by this Love, this Harmony, don’t deny it, even if the route we are walking is dark for now and we don’t recognize it yet; but it will gradually become brighter as we go forward, hand in hand and protected, enveloped by the Love that Life has for us.

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