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Anger and Fear


Anger is always Fruit of Fear.
We don’t accept the Other because he is Different to Us, therefore we Judge him in an erroneous way, and we are Frightened.
Fear paralyses, makes us fragile and, if we do not Love Ourselves, to find the Strength to face up to a Situation, we become Angry.
Anger and Fear are Two Vibrations Interconnected and damaging for Our Energy.
Let us Free ourselves from Fear.
The Fear to do something Bad, to make a Mistake, Fear of the Future.
We are responsible for Our Intentions, so we do not do Bad things to anyone if we do not have the Intention to do it.
However, we cannot- Fearing to do so, be subject to the Other’s Volition that renders us impotent, because in This Case, not being in Harmony or in sync with Ourselves, we Hurt Ourselves and by Reflex, the Others too.
All this leads to Anger towards Others, but actually it is Anger towards Ourselves for having Endured and Allowed the Other to Dominate Our Life.
We must Serenely Accept what Life gives us, and doing this, we Accept Ourselves.
Let is Accept Ourselves with all our Limits.
No-one in the whole World is without Limits.
We must Accept them and Love them.


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