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Beauty and Nature


The Beauty of Nature is a very interesting subject, it is above all Harmony, and it has no reference to an earthly code, or a law invented by humans, and in particular it does not correspond to any definition of Beauty as perceived by the human being.
Beauty is without rules or regulations: it is principally understood as Harmony.
Harmony is also without rules and regulations; it arises from the harmonization of all the parts that form the element.
When you say Harmony you say Love, you refer to the divine, to that explosive force that governs everything, and everything is governed through Harmony.
If something jars, it is only because it needs to be noted and be sorted out, so that it can become part of Harmony again.
Nature’s Beauty is evident to everyone, but not everyone observes it or allow themselves to be permeated by it.
Who is unable to do this, who is indifferent to the elements that surround him, and remains untouched by them, is a disharmonic being, full of himself, and rarely open towards others.
The others in this case is Nature and all that surrounds him.
To be so focussed on oneself leads to a refusal, or better still, an inability to adhere to an external vision.
When we look at something Harmonious, and remain touched by it, we are expressing our own Harmony; we enter in resonance with Harmony and emit our Harmony to others.
If we are disharmonic, we continue to be so as we cannot perceive Harmony. We will be subject to mood swings with other people, sometimes light and satisfied, other times heavy going and very often distressed.

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