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Talking about Beauty in a world that is doing everything to strangle it, alter it and ignore it, is almost a risk.
Talking about Beauty in a cosmic sense, as a vibration, is something to do on tiptoe and slowly: you have to get into this vibration very delicately, because Beauty is a fragile vibration, which has been scorned, strangled, trampled for too long.
The Beauty is a powerful vibration on a cosmic level and it is solid, solid as other vibrations, but it goes down in frequency and becomes earthly Beauty.
In this way, it is perceptible by the human being, and this vibration becomes fragile and even frayed, because it has been ignored or even scarred for too long.
I want instead to ponder on the Beauty of the Creation, on the Harmony of the Creation and especially on the Beauty as harmonious form.
There are no forms more harmonious than other forms: I can even say that a combination of disharmonious forms can cause a great Harmony, can emit a powerful vibration of Harmony originating from the sum of many disharmonious forms.
How is this possible?
It is possible because the purpose of those who put together these disharmonious forms was to create a Harmony.
In the last centuries, however, mankind wanted to enhance the Disharmony in every single way, living it with stubbornness and imposing it to others. Harmony was seen as something like a weakness: it was necessary to dare, to go through, to bring new acquisitions, new forms, but all this with such an absurd purpose, with a very attention-seeking behaviour, so deleterious to the Beauty and consequently the result was chaotic.
Beauty has been strangled.
We persist in wanting to see as beautiful what is not beautiful: it is merely the result of fashions, imposed by others, and after a wise brainwash, it passes as beautiful even if it isn’t so.
People who are more sensitive feel this instinctively.
Beauty must get back to triumph because that means that mankind is ready for a rebirth, it is ready to move forward and it is ready to be at the service of the Evolution.
The Evolution uses the Beauty as Harmony, especially because the Beauty, when it is expressed in a concrete form, is very influenced by the purpose of the agent, the person who creates and works.
In order to create something beautiful the purpose must be beautiful.
The Triumph of Beauty corresponds to the Salvation of the Humanity.
This is because a humanity that wants to save itself and move forward and it is aware of being at the service of the Evolution, can only express the Beauty and express it fully, just because it is animated by a right purpose.

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