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Beloging to the Universe


Every time the human being thinks of himself as part of the Universe, an energetic metamorphosis takes place within him.
Believing you are part of the Universe makes you feel in peace, serene and especially, Humble
Being part of the Universe and feeling it like a living Reality, means entrusting cosmic forces and understanding that we have to flow through these forces, allowing them to rule us, take possession of us, so that they can guide our daily actions, deeds and thoughts.
If you are unaware of this, or you ignore it because you don’t want to be part of the Universe, by this I mean living it personally, (but taking your responsibilities in the right way for you as an individual and not as a part of the Universe), so our way of being is different, because I only depend on myself, I alone am responsible for my actions. I admire myself and I hate myself… …………it is always the “little me” story.

Instead, we must be able to penetrate the Universe from our inner side, our inner being, feeling ourselves as a microcosm in the macrocosm.
It is important for those people who are not interested in science, but want to feel part of the Universe, to feel this belonging.
Feeling that there is something around us, pulsating, living, and this something is not distant from us, but it is us, as part of the Universe, as a part of everything: we let ourselves be guided, we are malleable, we are flowing in the cosmic stream, and therefore in perfect harmony with Life.

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