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Relax the Mind creating an empty space within us.
Let us be absorbed by the Beauty of Being.
Let us Perceive ourselves as perfect beings, as divine beings, as beings experiencing their earthly being to rediscover their divinity.
Picture a flow of Love, a cascade of Love.
We are immersed in this Love.
Let us be cradled without Fear.
Our Being benefits from this Silence.
We absorbed a lot of pieces of information, we accepted them, we figured out some of them, while we still have to work out others.
We will work them out when Life will give us the right situations. Consequently, we will remember them and apply them without hesitation.
What we shared is within us; it became part of our Awareness. Don’t think about it, don’t rationalize it; let it leave at information level.
It will become tangible, real and concrete when Life will give us the right situations so that this information will be translated into concrete Reality.
NOW we just have to be pleased about receiving it, and feel it attentive within us.
Breathe deeply in a relaxing way as our muscles need to stretch. We have to see ourselves as a combination of dancing cells.
The part of us that finds it hard to live, collides with the other parts, attracts adversity and gives us problems over and over again should be left on the edges of our Life.
We must give a relative importance to this part, being aware of the fact that if we still have these problems in our Life it is because we still haven’t figured out the mechanism to defuse them.
Accept contrasts and problems and try to listen to Life with a great Awareness because Life suggests how to resolve them.
Don’t trust rules, formulas and habits, but face everything listening to our instinct and ourselves.
There isn’t a Life-mode that can be right for everyone: you have to listen to yourself and act according to your mode.
Let us be grateful to Life for what we are and what we have.
Thank it.
Thank every moment for what Life offers us.
Give credit and honour to Life, let’s give it room within ourselves, aware that only this wonderful force can and must lead us to the best.
Picture yourself as something shining: a star that pulsates in every single direction.
You are immersed in Life and Light. Direct yourselves towards a conscious Surrender to this perfect vital Force.
A sincere and honest Surrender, which must guide your every moment.
Put your trust in things, from the smallest to the biggest.
Pursue only the inner Harmony.
Let this be the purpose of your Life, the profound Awareness of being part of the divine will guide every step you take, every moment of your Life-


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