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Brighten up our Mind and look at the “Future” with optimism.
When I talk about “Future” I express myself improperly, because in Energy there are neither “Future” nor “Past”, but only an eternal present: NOW.
The human being finds normal looking at the “Future”. However, at the same time, it finds normal being caught by Anxiety and Fear while it is looking at the “Future”.
Then we learn to manage our Mind, making it live HERE and NOW.
In HERE and NOW there is everything we need: we can harmonise the emotions, we can prove our strength, we can be fully aware of what we are doing.
Confidence in the “Future” means having the awareness that there won’t be any mistake if we are committed to live giving the best of ourselves.
Having Confidence leads to a condition of positivity. You join your Life and you recognise that it doesn’t want to hurt us at all.
Consequently, when we think about a happy “Future”, we are evaluating Life: we have confidence in Life and that is the first thing we think about when we have to act.
What is going to happen is what we need, it is what we attract in order to improve the knowledge of ourselves and give the best of ourselves. In this way, our Energy can learn something and vibrate at a higher frequency.
This should be the base of our life, through which we will live a succession of moments – HERE and NOW – and we will be happy, aware of ourselves and sure about the success.
We must be sure that when we act in this way, being aware of ourselves and with our life force, what happens is “what has to happen”, so we can have no anxieties and fears.
There isn’t any threatening “Future” if we live HERE and NOW so happily.
Now ask yourself: does a future exist?
It isn’t a strange question, but a question that we should always keep in mind.
How long will my life last?
I don’t know.
So why should I waste it, live it badly NOW waiting for a “Future” that I don’t know if it will exist?
Actually, when I think of a “Future” in negative terms, I’m ruining my present and this is a crime because I get demoralized and I humiliate my Life.
Live every moment as best as you can, ALWAYS, without any fear.


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