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In few situations you are conscious and aware of what the situations are for you.
Most of the time you live the experiences that life is offering you in a superficial way, in a hurry, without paying much attention to what you are doing.
This is an attitude that leads you NOT to live.
If you cannot get awareness in everything you do, in your energy there is no trace of Life passing.
Every gesture, act, thought expresses a vibration that needs to be absorbed by the Energy to help your harmonious evolution.
But if you don’t pay attention to what you do, if you don’t have the awareness, everything goes by without leaving trace.
Let’s start from living a good life here and NOW and living every moment that life gives you, in order to get to another concept that affects everyone: the choices that we have to do in our life.
We can recognise immediately the choices based on appearance, induced from the outside, characterized by self-interest and appearing in the eyes of others.
Most of the time you are not brave enough to take difficult choices, even if you feel them.
I am talking about basic choices, the choices that once you made reveal your real being and they are the most difficult to put into practice.
These choices rarely have a nature “logic”: these are instinctive choices, you feel them deeply and very often they are at odds with your logic.
This means that life at that time is leading you in a direction, it leads you to live and to make paths that, even if they aren’t logical, they aren’t accepted by society, they aren’t in tune with what others expect or even with what you would like to do in order to be accepted. However, they turn out to be what they are and they cannot be postponed.
Choices are always extremely challenging because very often they overturn your life.
You should be aware that in this case there is a great structural Energy change on Earth and you need to adhere to yourself.
Particularly NOW, adhering firmly and being consistent with yourself, you can make the right choices.
At that point Life has chosen for you, so they are not even choices anymore.
The inner drives are now so strong and clear that they don’t need more signs: it is Life that is telling you where to go.
We must trust Life completely, which doesn’t mean cancelling yourself, but realising that Life is yourself.
We are Life.
If we trust Life we trust ourselves.
A trust that isn’t rational, it isn’t based on qualifications and it doesn’t need recommendations: it is a confidence to us because we are part of the divine.
We are part of the divine.
If we don’t trust God, what can we trust?


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