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The Feeling of Discomfort is closely linked to Awareness.
If I do Something that is not in Harmony with Myself and I am aware of it, I immediately get a Feeling of Discomfort.
Discomfort should Never be underestimated, even when Logic tells us that Our Behaviour could or should not be Other than That.
Discomfort tells us that there could have been a Different Possibility: that of Acting in a Different Way.
In that Case what should we do?
Embrace the Discomfort, recognise that it Exists and try to understand What or Who it refers to, then do Nothing.
To do, always presumes an Initiative from the Mind, a Desire from Our Personality.
Doing Nothing however means that you are entrusting Everything that regards us to Our Superior Part.
A Life does not exist where Nothing happens or where no one does Anything.
But it is one thing to act driven by Our Wishes, and something else to act by Relating to Our Superior Part, which indicates the Path, opens Doors for us, and suggests what we should do.
Awareness leads us to this: to Not take Action.
It is a No Action however that is Very Active, because in this Way we emit Vibrations that are Fundamental for Our Well Being, and that blend with Trust in Life.
Vibrations that give rise to Awareness of Who and What we are and the Purpose of Our Life on this Earth.
With this is also activated the Vibration of Lightness and Curiosity about what Life will do: we observe Which Door will be opened.
To live in This Way is simple and easy, but can become Difficult according to how we have been educated: to suffocate instead of listening to Our most Profound Instinct.
However the Difficulty must not frighten us, because the Moment we are Aware of Ourselves as Divine Beings, like a Cell of a Body, like a Microcosm of a Macrocosm, Life helps us to understand, and above all makes us Very Determined.
This is another Vibration connected to Awareness: Determination to follow a Path that leads to Harmony, and directs us to Be Ourselves to the fullest.

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