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Let us try to see ourselves as beings of Light.
To do this, we do not need a Form, because Light does not have it.
We are a tiny speck of that Light.
If we are without Form then we are also without asperity.
To be without a form is not a problem, and not even in this condition as we can create the best way we want to.
Each of us, listening to ourselves, analyzing and becoming aware that there is not one moment the same as another, because the internal impulses are different.
In this way the lack of Form takes Form.
The Form follows our sensations, so we must be extremely careful to give the New Form that is being created, positive information.
Our enemy is the negative Thought, the Fear to live, the Fear of tomorrow the Anxiety to not be able to do what is right.
Sometimes we are assailed by the terror of not making a good impression, to not do what our Minds expect us to do.
All this creates a Form that is not harmonious but full of sharp points and holes where the Energy stagnates.
That energetic stagnation is not a banal idea, because the energy that stagnates gradually loses its positive potential, its propelling force and slowly the vibration descends to a state where it becomes Depression.
The Stagnation of our Energy corresponds to a Depression that we physically feel.
As beings of Light we have a way of Life completely different to the one we assume when we see ourselves simply as Earthly beings.
To see ourselves as Earthly beings makes us live with the Old Energy, the Old Ways.
NOW Life calls us to renew ourselves and let ourselves be penetrated by the New Energy, a New Force that is feeding the earthly frequency.
Above all, Life invites us to abandon its flow.
All our thoughts – or better still – our impulses, create a Form.
The best Form is the one that arises from Abandonment; the absence of sharp points allows us to ROLL with Life, letting us be transported without creating energetic holes of stagnation.
I want to insist on the idea of Stagnation.

Let us visualize NOW with a form where there are no Depressions, no forms that are not harmonious, with hidden corners, obscurity, where the Light never enters.
Here our Fears stagnate, thoughts of the past, and even Fear of the future.
Let us visualize these dead-end corners, unmoving, that do not give off vibrations any more.
Up to NOW, on Earth if you wanted to find Harmony, you needed to work hard to clearly see these corners, to metabolize them and remove them.
Instead NOW that we are aware of ourselves as Light, we adhere to the New Energy and so automatically these corners are “fossilized” and do not emit any more impulses, Anxieties and Fear because we are no longer on the frequency that allows us to form stagnations; we have gone beyond that.
With the New frequency we can create New Forms; a Form that ROLLS along Life, and leaves us to transport it with pure Joy.
NOW I choose a dark corner where little self-confidence still reigns (almost reaching a level of disesteem) and Uncertainty (which only diminishes when we have other people’s approval.)
Inevitably this leads to self-deception, because in searching for the Approval of others, we betray our true Self.
This is the last stagnant corner, which is always active, and it is the corner that NOW we must try to abandon so that we can completely enter the New Energy.
The Insecurity we daily feel, the Uncertainty that comes from being always conditioned by the Approval of others, too often makes us betray our real Selves, but mostly it has important side effects.
One of many is that of undermining our ability to fully express ourselves, and face up to a challenge, and handle difficult situations that Life gives us, for Fear of being inadequate.
We pass long dull periods, sheltered from every novelty, scared of every situation that presents itself, taking refuge in routine with a constant Fear of being unable to live Life to the utmost.
When we become more involved in the situation, when Life expects us to be ourselves absolutely, then we withdraw, preferring the mediocre, putting aside our dreams in stead of taking up the challenge.
The Stagnation in this corner, let me repeat, is difficult to remove, and it always sends out signals because Insecurity is a
cunning vibration, nourished by the thought that our value depends on the approval of others.
NOW let us very Calmly visualize this corner with Joy and Lightness, and we decide to turn our backs on it; but before we leave it in that state of Stagnation, we will help it to die.
We will cover it with Love and Gratitude, because it is the corner that has caused us the most suffering, and through this Suffering we have understood something about ourselves.
To get over the Suffering we have searched not only around us, but also inside ourselves.
When the Approval of others has not been enough, we have understood that we had to seek OUR OWN Approval, OUR OWN Harmony.
So, let us thank this corner, and cover it with Love, Gratitude, and flowers, enveloping it with music: it isn’t a funeral, but a party, because we have understood that we don’t need this corner any more.
Giving thanks, we turn our backs and look onward within ourselves, not at what surrounds us any more.
It must be very clear to us the idea of the other as part of ourselves, is a means to learn something about ourselves, not about the other person.
In this way, we live our relationships in a different manner, letting them be continuously passed through and lightened by the New Energy. They will be considered not by the limits of the Old Energy, where the other has been drawn into our Life to comfort us, help us, approve of us, and remove our Insecurity. However according to the New Energy, we know that we have attracted all this because in comparison we can find the best part of us.
Just as it happened with the Old Energy, the New Energy fluctuates all the time, but whereas the Old was often imbued with the habits and rules of society, the New Energy is very, very more “powerful”, and has a frequency determinedly separated from the Earthly frequency, and we are receiving from it a great amount of divine information.
We must not let ourselves be intimidated by all this: instead we must be convinced that if we want to adhere to this Energy, we cannot do it with the Mind, but only through Energetic necessity. Therefore we do not need methods, plans, opinions, we must simply let this New Energy pass through us and “take possession” of us.

We must not feel disoriented by our new reactions: we are rediscovering ourselves, and we must do it without Fear, also because we have abandoned that corner of Insecurity.
Let us withdraw into ourselves and try to perceive the New Energy that passes through us, observing the thoughts and sensations that it brings.
Do not guide it in any direction; just let us simply receive this experience, which we must have NOW.



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