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Let us make a great Silence within us.
Let us try and free ourselves from all thoughts.
We must breathe very slowly, deeply.
This message wishes to give a contribution to the Establishing of positive Energy in each one of us.
I am not speaking of the Energy we are used to, but New Energy, a New Vibration one that is forcefully inundating the Earth.
Do not allow yourselves to be confused by the unpleasant and alarming reports in the newspapers and TV: do not metabolize them.
Ugliness has no part in this New Energy.
Prepare yourselves with great Awareness to the Establishment of the New Energy.
Within yourselves, in this Silence that I advise you to maintain, in the absence of thoughts – the almost absence of emotions – let yourselves filter this new type of Energy.
Don’t ask yourselves anything.
Remain in a passive state.
It is the Energy that will “possess” you.
This Energy disorientates, because it does not have within it any of the logic that you are accustomed to. It does not follow the logic of the Old Energy either.
Don’t think: just absorb it.
With this Energy active within you, you have really taken a big step forward.
If up to now you have seen everything in small letters, NOW you will see it all in Capital letters.
Everything will be extremely clear for you.
Your actions will be different; you simply do what you feel is right for you, and what your Instinct suggests.
Fear, Worry, Anxiety, the Need to be accepted, the Dread of disappointing others, suddenly vanishes.
When the New Energy has “entered” you, to be your real selves will be crucial, and so you will begin a fascinating journey, of Freedom and Lightness, and you will be able to enjoy Life, which no longer will be heavy going.
I invite you all to become childlike, as if you had been given a new toy: the child doesn’t read the instructions, often she doesn’t even ask how it works, but she takes it and instinctively uses it, adapting it to herself.
This is what the New Energy asks of you: there is no need to lie or force yourselves, simply let this Energy “invade” you and then follow your instinct.
In the beginning, we really need to say, “Hold on tight” because there can be reactions to this new way of being that can be very disorientating.
In that case you must use your sense of Humour.
For example, when you open your mouth to reply to a question or a provocation, and you hear yourself reply clearly, convinced, not influenced by your Mind (which would have suggested another way, to be accepted, not to disappoint, to lie) whereas NOW you are able to say exactly what you really think.
At first when this happens, it is natural for you to feel disorientated, but with Lightness and Humour you must accept the new direction your Life will now take.
Now we will begin the visualisation suggested by the New Energy that is within us.
The visualisations must be instinctive not rationalized too much, and let the images appear exactly as they are, without trying to improve or change them, and without judging them either, because that is the image that the New Energy is evoking in you.
NOW let us visualise a great big mirror, or better still a room where all the walls are mirrors.
The room is empty and the mirrors reflect this empty space.
There is nothing there, only a series of mirrors that reflect themselves.
We go into the room, and stand in a corner; we sit down with our shoulders leaning against the mirror behind us, and we look around the room.
As if by magic, from every corner of the room, something that I will call Desire, appears.
We can then visualise our Desires.
At this point, the Mind puts the Instinct in second place, because it is elaborating a series of Desires that usually you keep locked up inside yourselves.
The New Energy doesn’t want this; you can and must take action.
The New Energy acts simply through the Instinct, not the Mind, so we must send away the Desires we have revealed.
The mirrors absorb these Desires.
Once again we are alone in the room surrounded only by mirrors.
We are confused but at the same time very calm.
Little by little begins Curiosity, the Game, and the Lightness of Life.
Why would I express a Desire if I don’t know where it will take me, what the result will be?
I will let Life show me what is right for me, what I will have a tendency for in the future, what will attract me to complete my Energetic Harmony.
And so, sitting, relaxed in that corner, we look around and see events, situations and figures appear that are not triggered by the Mind but from the Energy that wants us to participate in what we can and will do, in other words, what is the best and most suitable for us.
We must have the Conviction, the Certainty and the absolute Awareness, that everything that comes forth from the New Energy is right for us.
This Energy wants to “use” us: we are part of a perfect plan and – each one of us with our own characteristics – must do our own part to complete the plan.
Life does not make mistakes, but our mind can lie to us, our Pride, our Arrogance, our Careerism often push us onto a slippery, tiring path; our desire to be “doing”, to exhibit ourselves, to captivate others and show off, is Stressful.
It is Stressful and Frustrating when the results do not come up to our Expectations.
The New Energy can also “use” us for important and marvellous things, and we – I repeat_ must be absolutely Certain that it is not about things that are too big for us, but that we have attracted them because managing them in the best way and realizing their completion, we give our contribution to Evolution.
In this phase, the Energy asks us to adhere to the Events without Fear, almost in a state of Unconsciousness.
We have taken a step forward, and we have in front of us a page written in Capital letters, where the previous page seems now to be faded and obsolete, because the Old way of thinking and understanding Life, is really obsolete.
The exhausting never-ending chase of the Ego, to emerge, the constant need for the Approval of others, the same constant Fear of failure in the situations we are called on to deal with: all this is part of the pages with small letters.
On the page where there are only Capital letters, quite the contrary can be seen.
Begin with L for Love, that very potent Energy that incorporates all the other frequencies, and brings them to vibrate at the divine dimension.
There is the Awareness of being part of the divine, the Certainty that we must and we can do anything that Life asks of us, because the ability to resolve situations and deal with Events, is within us.
It is Life that will offer you Solutions; it is Life that makes the path easier to travel.
Each of us is called on to make our personal contribution.
This contribution must have nothing to do with Convenience, Personal Advantage or Play-acting as you might like it. No, it must be according to Truth as Life wants it, and above all, without arguing about who is the best or the worst, who has the best job and who the worst, which is the most important etc etc.
Let us just focus on ourselves.
We will give the best of ourselves because only this does Life ask of us.
The New Energy has no time to waste: the Earth is in turmoil and this Energy must be consolidated, first on a personal level and then on a collective level.
There is not much time, even if speaking of time referring to the Energy is nonsense, however this is just an invitation to not waste time for example in procrastinating over foolish thoughts, analyzing them continuously.
This is the moment for Action not Analysis.
A conscious Action that leads us to deal with all that Life really offers us.

NOW let us do another visualization.
WE are no longer in that room, there are no more mirrors and we are not sitting on the floor, but NOW we are alone with our bodies and characteristics, alone in a place which each of us can freely choose.
Position yourselves wherever you want to, but remember you are alone.
Are you Afraid?
Then you are living with the Old Energy.
Are you asking yourselves where the others are?
Then you are living with the Old Energy.
Are you wondering how to leave the place you are in?
It’s always the Old Energy.
Just relax, and enjoy this Solitude.
You are becoming full of YOURSELVES.
There is no interference: you are absorbing this New Energy in perfect Solitude.
NOW let us ask for an effort from our Minds: we ask that it doesn’t go back to the Old way of Reasoning, to the Old Logic.
Let us strongly reaffirm that within us there is a new Vibration: let us enjoy it, discover it one moment after another, and let us play with this vibration.
Let us be invaded, surprised and bemused by these new sensations: it is like discovering ourselves again with the absolute Certainty of being part of the Divine, and so whatever we discover about ourselves is all right.
We must accept it, improve on it, but not oppose it, and especially not feel guilty.
We must remember that this New Energy has an incredibly strong and high vibration, a frequency of Love.
Let us use it, we are doing nothing bad, and finish by thanking ourselves for our commitment to understanding, to improving ourselves and to adhering to the cosmic Harmony.
We thank ourselves inserting into this Gratitude, the greatest love we can towards ourselves.

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