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Let’s talk about the fatigue of living. We know it because we forgot what we really are.We get fatigued because we perceive ourselves only as human beings who entered a survival earthly process.

If we think we are individuals, part of a process of Evolution, everything would be different.
Fatigue wouldn’t be fatigue anymore, but it would turn into the joy of facing even complex situations. In that case we would have the opportunity to give the best of ourselves.
Usually, we consider difficulty an offense, a humiliation, an outrage that Life is giving us, without realising that it is through this that we can give the best of us.
Unfortunately, the human being forgets to have a divine part, it forgets to carry an extraordinary part which is the energy and cosmic part. It forgets it wants to live alone and simply join its mind.
But Mind “misleads”, betrays, cannot plan and be sure about its plans because too many things can intervene and divert what we planned rationally.
The difficulty of living is also due to our constant wanting confirmations.
Try to live being yourself and without seeking confirmations from the outside, without claiming to be always accepted and appreciated by others.
We tend to diminish what we do, feeling humiliated when others do not appreciate our work (because it doesn’t meet their expectations), although we know we did our best.
This is a source of additional difficulty: we cannot be ourselves completely because we care about the judgment of others.
We must learn to see others and their judgment as a mirror, as a means to improve ourselves, so that we can give the best of us.
When we gave our best, being sure we did all that we could, the judgment of others won’t discourage us.
It means that the other had too high expectations on us, and WE don’t have to care about it.
We cannot always meet the expectations of others. We should try to be ourselves completely.
Once we got it, “using” the other as a means to know ourselves better, peace and serenity must be in us, otherwise we will always get fatigued.
We will always be nervous because we want to please others. We will even be able to change ourselves in order to do what others want us to do.
This leads to disesteem and depression. Consequently, we won’t love ourselves.
This is because we are deeply disturbed, and we no longer have the ability to express ourselves. This is due to the fact that we only try to meet the expectations of others.
This leads to discouragement, and even to apathy.
It could happen that we no longer want to live because we cannot express ourselves. What others want influences us so much that we prefer not to act.
This is a very hard path and we have to go through it because – I repeat – we didn’t understand who we really are.
We are on Earth in order to join Evolution.
We have to bear in mind this if we want to live lightly and consciously.





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