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First of all, we have to realise what types of Fear exist.
The first one is the independent Fear. We produce it and it is insidious because it creates anxiety and sense of danger, making us feel constantly threatened.
This Fear arises when we feel we aren’t part of the Universe, and part of the Whole, and when we don’t perceive our highest part, since we don’t live it completely.
This Fear cannot be removed by others, but only by the person who “produces” it. This is possible if you analyse yourself, if you are sure and if you listen to your highest; all this will align the Whole.
This means you never feel alone or isolated, but you are always a harmonious part of the Whole that protects us.
Another Fear is the generated Fear. You perceive it as a strong, captivating and penetrating Fear. NOW it is on Earth, claiming many victims.
Even those people who didn’t know whether to accept new ways of thinking or to close themselves off by joining a more selfish way of thinking, are taking a step back, even if their purpose consisted in a better evaluation of the events.
The Fear won.
Exactly because the Fear leads to defend yourself.
You need to think for yourself, not by being influenced by others and not by taking for granted concepts you think they don’t belong to you.
If a person vibrates at a certain frequency (and here we return to talk about us as Energy), and this frequency is relative to the Old Paradigm based on concepts and axioms belonging to the Earth, it is clear that he or she will have a way of reasoning in tune with those concepts.
Nothing and no one will let you know that there is also something else: you will be sure about what you believe because you base your life on those concepts.
If I listen to the opinions, if I observe the reactions of others without feeling as mine, and if I feel instead I am different from all this, it is because I live a different paradigm, I live with a different frequency, which is “mine”, but other people share it, fortunately.
I cannot prevail upon other people to accept my point of view because they won’t understand it and I wouldn’t understand theirs.
Then we will have an event that will be the same for everyone, but everyone will decode it differently.
In order to avoid Fear, it is necessary to decode the event according to our feelings.
I repeat again: if I vibrate at the frequency of the Old Paradigm and I feel safe only by protecting myself, by seeing the other as the enemy and by trying to go “against” rather than “towards” the other, I will have to follow this Instinct, because it will be the one that will make me feel safe.
Life will make me think then, and it will propose me again the same event, neither in the macrocosm, nor in the microcosm, but in my own small way this time.
Consequently, I will have the possibility of not being influenced by the opinions of others anymore, because it will be an event that will concern only me, so I will have to handle it.
So I will be able to call in question the certainty that I have, which belongs to the Old Paradigm.
The Old Paradigm is based on force, arrogance and judgments: we are constantly inclined to judge, and we judge according to facts and NEVER to intentions.
Why do people have so much fear now? Why are they so anxious?
Because a mass of individuals are thinking about the effects and not about the causes.
The causes always elude us, and when we try to check on them, we find out that the information relating to them is explained and decoded according to the values of the Old Paradigm: pettiness and freedom expressed only in words.
A freedom that doesn’t respect the other, but it wants to be absolute only for those who practice it.
When I practice my absolute freedom, I don’t realise – or I realise and I don’t care – that I am limiting the freedom of others.
The moment I feel that these concepts belonging to the Old Paradigm are no longer mine and I distance myself from them, I isolate myself from Fear automatically.
I don’t fear because I know that Life won’t put me into contact with hazardous events: I don’t need them. These events are necessary for those people who must exorcise and understand the Fear.
If I have already got this goal, I won’t need it anymore.


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