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Talking about Happiness means get into a “wake” that immediately generates wellness.
Happiness should not be considered an alternate condition of our being (positive moments and negative moments), but the main condition from which we must start to live every day.
Happiness is not only an emotional explosion that overwhelms us. This is one of its displays, but Happiness is rather Awareness of Life.
If you are aware of Life, if you know why you are on Earth, if you promise you will do your best because it is through this that you can help the Evolution, then you are happy.
You live in a state of Happiness.
Then, when the events try to reduce my Happiness, maybe through hard times, I can get back to the state of Happiness, because that event is teaching me something.
I cannot think that Life offered me something that is not mine, but I have to think what happened to me (what I attracted) can be a way to learn something.
Happiness can be considered in different ways, but in order to understand it you have to be aware of why you are living.
If all this is missing, we can only have moments of Happiness, that they will go away and they will always and only be moments.
In order to get the main Happiness you have to understand why you are here.
If we are in this positive and harmonious condition we can enjoy every moment that life gives us.
Happiness doesn’t mean big events: we must understand that Happiness means living harmoniously with ourselves, appreciating everything that surrounds us.
If I rest for a while and I observe the Nature so that I can line up all the events of the day, observing them positively, I can go to bed happy.
Because we understand that every single day is giving us something to improve ourselves, but only if we are in the right mood we can receive this teaching.
If we are nervous and unhappy, we don’t accept ourselves and, consequently, other people, and Life. We are leaving the condition of Happiness.
Being able to live happily is an exercise that we have to learn starting in the morning when we open our eyes, thanking for what we have without making a list of what we have to do, and especially thanking for what we are.
Too often we forget to love ourselves: we focus on our flaws, we don’t accept ourselves and, consequently, we don’t forgive ourselves.
This is the best way to move away from Happiness: we don’t accept ourselves, we don’t forgive ourselves for what we did (we had to do it and we did not do it …), criticizing and blaming ourselves continuously.
When we accept ourselves for what we are, aiming to improve ourselves, we live in a condition of main Happiness.
The day of Disharmony, the day when you are nervous and intolerant do exist: let’s just take a note.
Very often there are no particular reasons: we just woke up in bad mood.
If we start learning using frequencies, we will understand that Happiness is a vibration. The higher the frequency is, the deeper the vibration will be.
The high frequency is given by the harmony that we can produce by managing our emotions.
Don’t forget that Happiness is a duty. We have to be happy because the whole universe is Harmony and the human being cannot be discordant and disturb the energy of the Universe.
The human being has the right and the duty to be happy.
We have to give our best so that Happiness will be our heritage.


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