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Let us try and be in Harmony with ourselves because only through a complete harmonious adherence to ourselves can we find the Road for Evolution and live in an easy way, no longer wearisome and contorted, even absurd as we are
doing NOW.
To say that the earthly journey is difficult is a Reality, however, if we analyse what we consider difficult, very often we discover that there are not really grounds for defining this journey wearisome: instead it is the type of society that we live in that makes exhausting even the most natural of things.
We even justify the way of being and living that creates only this exhaustion.
Let’s think about the difficult moments that we have gone through, when we were braced to overcome the difficulties, which anyway are never eternal, and we will be aware of how much Force we found in ourselves, and the effort we put into it ignoring the small things to concentrate and give the priority only to what we considered important.
Sometimes Life and the Energy gives priority to other things.
Our Energy wants answers that are suitable and pertinent for bringing Harmony within us.
Life really doesn’t care if you reach Success or not if you abdicate your true beliefs, accept the inevitable compromise and accept values that don’t belong to you but are forced on you by society. Too often we give importance to things that Life considers completely insignificant.
We waste so much Energy giving importance to these things, while Life is flowing and we miss out on the situations that should have the priority because they make us emit the right vibration, and allow us to reach Harmony.
The journey on earth cannot always be harmonious and linear,
Because Disharmony has it’s function in the maintenance of Harmony: too much Harmony becomes Disharmony, so it is natural that there are high and low moments in Life.
When the Mind does not find Solutions, but is surrounded by problems, that is the moment when we discover the profound part of ourselves that transcends, and which we so often forget to live.
Then a perfect union is created between the cosmos and the earth, between the more rational part of us and the part that we judge not rational because it is not visible, (just perceivable) because everyone feels the Instinct that guides us to making different choices.
NOW try to relax to allow a strong, profound and sincere contact with ourselves.

Breathe deeply and slowly.
In this moment we are so light that we can fluctuate.
We are in a Void but we are not Afraid, and we surrender to the Moment.
No Thoughts just Lightness.
We are surrounded by an Energy that supports us: it doesn’t show us the way, or push us towards something; it just accompanies us in our state of Lightness.
In this relaxing state we are perfect: in a lightness of being, harmonious, serene and Aware of being part of the Universe.
We are without Thoughts: the Mind is in Peace.
We are perfectly conscious that we are energetic beings, like cells of the Universe.
We must not be Afraid of waking up, we must not fear the contact with Reality because, if we live in a lightness of being, harmonious and serene, we will attract a Reality that will have these same characteristics.
Don’t worry about resolving Problems. we must just ask ourselves why they have happened to us.
In this state of quietness, the word “problems” is forbidden too.
We are in contact with ourselves, with our Essence, with the Perfection of our divine being.
The Force that sustains and protects us is the Love we create, Love as a Universal Force.
We are inside this Force and we penetrate it completely: we are Love.
Now there isn’t a Force that sustains us, we can sustain ourselves, we are conscious of ourselves.
We are not over-adventurous: we stay suspended in a state of Lightness.
We have no Fear.
We know that when we want to, we can regain contact with the earthly Reality, but we understand also that we must allow our lives to be governed by this Harmony, this Lightness of being.

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