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Only those who live in contact with themselves in full Awareness, are able to really distinguish if their actions comply to Life’s suggestions, to be put at it’s service, or to the Personality, and therefore one’s own personal advantage.
There is a very fine line between these two methods. One of the most efficient exercises to REALLY put yourself to the service of Life, is not to act in an impulsive way.
If you are unsure that to do that particular action creates doubts in you. Is it my Personality that moves me, or is it Life that wishes to use me, then you have to stop.
You must be courageous enough to do nothing, to stop.
The moment that I stop, I act with Humility, empowering Life as
responsible for dealing with the situation.
Here we have in this ideal situation, that if it is Life that is using me, then I can act, otherwise—-if it is my Personality that pushes me, I have to find the condition where I can act, because it is something that is relevant to me.
When it seems that I must act urgently, then we must do a “superior” reasoning: for example I want to help someone, I have to think that that person is not my problem, but is assigned to Life.
Only if Life wants to use me to be of help, will it give me the means to do so; I cannot think that the person will have a horrible ending because if I do then I put myself in the position of a protagonist.
If Life doesn’t use me, then it will use another person, probably better than me.
We must make ourselves very small, fluctuating, without thoughts:
“I must act, because if I don’t no one will. I am indispensable. There is only me…..!
It doesn’t work like that!
We must exercise in Humility and Fluidity, and when we are not absolutely sure about being used by Life regarding our actions, then we must stop, observe the situation, and see how it develops.
Often we lose control over a situation that becomes the patrimony of another, or another group. This person or group may proceed with the same intention that we had to develop it,and maybe will do it in a more concrete way than us, a better way.
Why does this happen?
Why is Life using another person or group instead of me?
This must not upset you.
I must not think: “I worked hard and now the result will go for the benefit of another”
We must remember that there are two types of results: the practical one, regarding recognition which belongs to the Personality, and the result that comes from our Conscience, the profound interior part of us, that donates to us the tranquility knowing we have acted for the best, to have done what we could.
If the final result belongs to another person or group, it doesn’t mean anything.
The important thing is that there is a result: we have worked for an honourable cause.
If we are not given credit for it, we have to think we won’t have the “inconvenience” of the credit, because often to exhibit oneself, can lead to other inconveniences.
We must therefore understand, that when it is Life that is using us, we can possible be used for all of the situation, or only for a short phase, and we can even be “abandoned” at a certain point, not because we are incompetent, but because we have already learnt what we need from that situation, and so we have to leave space for others.
These are reasonings that clash with our Personality, because the latter says:” This idea was mine, I worked for this, and therefore my actions should be recognised, I need to feel satisfied”
It is not a wrong way of thinking, but you have to be Aware that it belongs to the vibration of Appearances, and to the one of Being.
It can be useful for us to help us know ourselves better, to make our ability or limits in evidence: often it is a source of delusions, because exhibiting ourselves we expect results, a gratification, and when this doesn’t happen we see it as a devastating blow.
On the other hand, living in the vibration of Being, surrendering to Life, leads us to analyse the situation in a different way:” I did my best, I believed in this situation, I took it up to this point, and now others have taken it over, they have finished it and NOW have accepted the credit for it: that is absolutely fine by me”
All the vibrations I emitted to do that particular experience remain in my Energy, and they correspond exactly to what Life asked from me: to emit those vibrations and teach me something.
When this process is concluded, and therefore my Energy no longer needs to adhere to that issue, then they are put aside and succeeded by others.
It is a very smile way of Living , easy and fluid that creates great Serenity.
This is the vibration of Being.
The other is the vibration of Appearances: it has some gratifications, but also a great many stumbling blocks and above all, delusions.








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