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How we live

Being aware that you are part of the Universe must first enter our Minds and then our fibre, our cells and every atom of our makeup.
This awareness makes us vibrate in a different way, bringing out the information that is within us, and is in line with a positive way of living.
Each one of us lives in a different way: there is the earthly way, absolutely concrete, logical and rational, that does not take into consideration the transcendent, the superior part of the individual, the coincidence, the imponderable.
Then there is the part of the person that knows, that revives the knowledge of being part of the Universe, and adheres to it by carrying out the assignment given to him by the Universe.
Life is always the same, but the way we live this journey is profoundly different.
When we say we are one, that we are part of a Whole, we must be mindful of being immersed in every event,
opportunity and situation.
Why then why do we find ourselves involved with that person, that situation, that event? Why that one and not another one?
This is the big difference between living with the positive polarity, or the negative one.
By negative we do not mean something wrong, just something different from the positive.
By the positive polarity I mean the polarity that the human being lives when he always remembers that he is part of the Universe. I repeat: ALWAYS.
Don’t waver between thinking that you are sometimes part of the Universe and other times part of the Earth, because you find it convenient.
Don’t live today with the Awareness of your role in Evolution, and tomorrow only be interested in your personal advantage and benefits, which could even be damaging to you.
On the other hand, those who ALWAYS remember to adhere to the positive polarity, will never abandon it, and the first question they will ask themselves when faced with a difficulty is,” Why do I find myself in this situation, what must I learn from it?” They do not start talking bout luck or bad luck etc, but simply ask themselves those questions.
Those who live in the negative polarity, which I repeat is just different but not wrong as it is closely linked to everything Earthly, develop a way of living that is totally rational.
The question why you find yourself in that particular situation, that you might have attracted it, is not even taken into consideration: it is always the fault of something external to you.
These are the two polarities that make you live in one way or another.
I repeat again, the way you live is neither right nor wrong, each of us must live according to our nature.
Also when we speak of the negative polarity there are experiences that one must have, and then these experiences help you to reach a better self-knowledge and act in a different way.
Faced with the same situation that we constantly attract, we have the opportunity to react in different ways, this means that the experiences of the past situations have helped us, and therefore we are talking of a negative polarity lived in a constructive way.
However, he who does not ask questions when faced with an event that could teach them something, and only speak of bad luck, will repeat this attitude when the same situation re presents itself, and it will continue like this because he is unable to see the teaching that Life wants to give him. He will continue to blame it on external influences.
We need to try to live with our thoughts and the awareness that we are Energy, made up of vibrations and frequencies. We must adhere to the marvellous Universe that doesn’t ask for permission to function, but simply shows us its functionality, and we have to work hard to understand it, and to want to understand it, but we must put the same tenacity into trying to understand ourselves as microcosms.
In the Universe there is nothing that does not correspond in us: we are the microcosm in the macrocosm. Trying to understand ourselves means that we have done a great deal in also trying to understand what is external to us.
What you discover in the external will always correspond within you: the Universe and Nature are always in Harmony.
We must take care of our Harmony, our personal Harmony. Only through Harmony can we get into contact, communicate with the Universe, the Harmonious Universe.
Then answers and solutions will arrive and Life becomes constructive and Harmonious.
There are no short cuts; we must just remember that we are part of the Universe, that we must always be positive, and that each of us whether we are big or tiny speck of light must do what we have to do for Evolution.

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