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Inner Silence

In order to join our Instinct and listen to it every single moment, so that its voice and its stirring dominate our Mind and don’t end up in the chaos of our thoughts, we have to make a great inner silence.
We don’t need the will.
This doesn’t mean living passively, but with a passive Mind.
This is important because when we decide that our evolution passes through the continuous listening to our Instinct, we are even able to remove all that can annoy our Instinct.
It is important because when we get used to the inner silence, the silence becomes harmonious: it isn’t empty, it isn’t a silence that can generate fear, but a silence that leads us, feeds us, sustains us and knows where we have to go.
This silence creates right thoughts, inspirations and intuitions and this is what we have to follow.
So If we want a very strong and very audible silence we have to make inner silence.
In order to develop the inner silence we must fully understand that our mind is not always an ally, but very often it is our enemy, because when we move from a thought or a conjecture or an expectation to another, we create a din in our Mind that confuses and complicates our Life.
We must understand that, if we make silence and try to control our will and our expectations, we aren’t giving up ourselves or our intelligence, but we are simply putting ourselves to a higher level, where the will and expectations are entrusted to our higher part.
This higher part doesn’t live by conjectures, assumptions and thoughts that contradict other thoughts, it doesn’t live by dreams, but lives by inspirations, solutions, intuitions that lead us to the right way.
Making silence means giving us a great, great gift.
Not everyone is minded to give up the Mind to join the inner silence. If you don’t live with humility, if you are afraid, if you feel unconfident…you aren’t able to join the inner silence.
These people observe with concern or even pain those who want to join the inner silence and create a Life supporting the Evolution.
If you aren’t minded to make silence and give yourself this gift, you can rethink about it and maybe change your life-style through the contact with those people who live by listening to their Instinct. You won’t no longer judge these beings as dreamers or people to feel sorry for, but you will appreciate the example and the achievements they got by silencing the mind and focusing on the inner silence.
You have to do a work on yourself with humility, consistency and tenacity, so that you will understand the true meaning of life.
Then, when the results will come, they will come not only for those who have practiced this mode, but they will be an example to everyone.
If you are hostile and you don’t want to join this mechanism you will recognise – as long as your pride won’t overwhelm you and/or your stupidity won’t stop you – that there is another way of living and acting, and with humility, wisdom and above all consistency you will begin participating in the new way of living.
The easiest way to start making the inner silence is the simplicity: break down your thoughts, don’t refuse them but let them pass through you. Don’t grow them, don’t feed them, don’t dissect them. Just let them pass through you.
If you do this exercise, your Mind will slowly learn making silence, since thoughts will emerge and go, emerge and go.
You don’t have to refuse thoughts, because if you do it would be an act of force that would attract another act of force, and so thoughts would come back even stronger and sometimes more annoying.
If you live with inner silence you don’t close off yourself to others, you don’t want to show off: you just live.
Then, who comes in contact with you will notice the peculiarity: you don’t have big plans for the future, you don’t cloud over for any inconvenience that Life will give you, you don’t have airy-fairy expectations, but you just entrust Life and what it offers.
It’s not easy to recognise this kind of people, because they don’t show off and they just entrust Life, but if we pay attention we can figure something out.
What about the reaction?
Curiosity and turmoil will take place in us, because it is clear that these people lead a way of life that could be ours too. This causes curiosity and attention.
As I said, these people don’t show off, they really don’t want to, but if the contact is real and authentic by both sides, they start showing something about themselves and in this way they can be helpful to others, if others want to understand and adhere to this new way of life.
Conversely, if this stirring is missing, everything will be included in the parameters of a knowledge that can be fondness or friendship, but there won’t be anything constructive.
There is a bridge that connects these people with the new way of being. These people don’t appear, but they ARE: they are linked by the “new” that moves forward and has to strengthen.
This “new”, however, doesn’t belong only to people who live it: this “new” EXISTS and is available to everyone. Those who still don’t live and did not recognise just have to find it out.
Finding it out, however, doesn’t mean creating it, but simply recognising that you have it.
This may occur by meeting people who already live this “new” and have learned how to manage it: it is there that who wants to get the “new” has a chance to think about.
Those people who have already this “new” don’t need to do anything special to others. They just have to be themselves.
Accepting others and giving them the chance to show how you live is a great help for them, but they must have the desire to call into question and rediscover the “new”, and have the humility to make an effort on themselves.


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