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Joy of Life

We often find Life hard, a set of adverse circumstances, and we live hard even easy situations, putting more effort than Life requires.
When I talk about Joy I mean a motion of the Soul, a vibration that must use all cells.
The Joy itself is Lightness, it is Relativity, it is what gives taste to Life.
The same thing has two completely different meanings, if managed with Joy or with excessive Severity or Seriousness,.
It is clear that we aren’t talking about painful events, since putting Joy in Pain is something extremely difficult or even impossible.
In our daily management of Life, Joy should have a very important part.
Being able to be happy isn’t a sign of superficiality and it doesn’t mean you aren’t joining Life, but it is instead a sign of adherence to the deepest part, to the highest part of Life, that part that wants to lead us.
If we can put Joy in our life, we will see that all situations not only become lighter to bear, but they can be connected to other situations in a better way.
Let me explain.
When we face an event or a situation and we live with heaviness, with too much effort, and with too much adherence to our rational side, we tend to see this situation in all his demanding and hard aspects. A certain situation may present obstacles and when we face them we aren’t able to use Joy and we cannot smile and minimize the situation, but we tend to worsen it.
If, however, we have activated the Joy vibration in a situation that isn’t linear and creates obstacles so that we have to face an unexpected problem, we can still manage it excellently.
This is because in the meantime we laugh about this situation and we don’t think immediately that Life gave it to us as a prank.
If we laugh about this situation we can minimize it.
This means making this kind of situations more fluid, more adherent to Life.
This fluidity makes every single event connected because there are no blocks, and, consequently, we are able to manage everything, absolutely everything, in a better way.
Being happy is a point of arrival, and in order to be happy we don’t have to take ourselves too seriously.
Before asking ourselves what are we going to do on Earth, we have to answer the main question: what am I?
Once we answered and we understood completely that we are a part of the Universe, when we respected the laws of this Universe and we figured out that our rationality is only a small part of the universe we are made of, we did what Life was asking us to do: being happy and fluid, in tune with the Being.
In order to BE we don’t have to take ourselves too seriously. We are not monoliths.
Just let Life lead us.
Let us be permeated by the fluctuations of the Universe, which are around and within us. If we can do this, we joined the purpose according to which we are on this Earth: giving the best of ourselves and thereby helping the Evolution.

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