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Knowing yourself in the best way implies a particular predisposition: a curiosity, and above all a massive dose, a really massive dose of Love towards yourselves.
If I want to know myself as a personality, as an earthly being with my past, my childhood, my family and everything related to my external side, I will have a certain kind of knowledge.
I can also ask for help by using / psychoanalysis, which can be very helpful on this topic: reviewing every external event that belongs to the human being and trying to frame it in a perspective that will be helpful towards self-knowledge.

If I assume I am Energy, and consequently I am on this Earth with the information contained in my DNA as energetic form, this will guide my whole life and my approach to self-knowledge, which in itself will be different.
I won’t want to understand then, but I will want to feel and perceive myself.
Even when I run into an external event, like a childhood or youthful trauma, I won’t look for what is right and what is wrong, I won’t analyze my reaction, but I will go and see what this event left in me.

Let me explain.

If I see this event as an injustice I suffered, this has to do with my personality.
Then I have to figure out who caused this injustice? Why did I have to suffer it? How did I react? How can I remove the victim complex or the block that this injustice created?
But, if I try to figure out how I “felt” the event and my reaction to it, the knowledge of myself would be different and deeper.
I can even thank the person who caused that injustice because through it I know myself better.

The knowledge of yourself as energy is explained in terms of “perception”.
The less the Mind investigates and wants to understand, the more the perceptions show up, the more our feeling becomes substantial and pressing, and our way of thinking, by using the events changes, because we are going to think about ourselves in terms of Energy and not as Personality.
What does “perceive” mean?
This is a word that I put in quotation marks because saying, “perceive” is not even correct, since what is missing is the proper term for what the Energy can send to the Mind in terms of feeling.
I mean the Mind because the human being needs to understand, classify and translate the feelings mentally in order to codify them.
But the act of “perceiving yourself” – when it is accurate and precise, when it is really done with Love towards yourself – sometimes transcends all this and it doesn’t even need the Mind. This is because an event, a thought, a meeting develop a “perception” in us that goes beyond the rationale, beyond the tangible and, sometimes, even beyond the Reality.
Thanking the person who harmed you is unreasonable for the human being.
We should think that very often the person responsible for it didn’t mean to do it: in fact, we were attracted by it.
We must reflect on how we handled this situation in order to know ourselves better.
How much of our Personality was involved?
How much did we stifle our Instinct, which was prompting us to experience that situation in order to improve ourselves?
We often ignored all this to make room for anger, resentment and revenge.
Knowing you as Energy is a linear process that gets to the Mind only in the final stage, when it can realize what we perceived.
While we are “perceiving”, we don’t include the Mind: we must live the event in freedom, being “ourselves”, trying to eliminate any influence.
We have to tend towards this, remembering that during our Life we gave the most space to the Mind, and this penalizes us sometimes.
When we “feel something” we perceive the inner instinct, which is very clear, but the Mind is ready to block it out wanting to understand it completely. The Mind wants to rationalize it and make us reflect about the Instinct’s rules, dismantling what the perception was suggesting to us: to follow a different path towards understanding ourselves.

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