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How can Politics change?
How can Politics finally go back to being Public, Honest and the Real Expression of Every Individual, not just of a very small Minority?
Simply through the Participation of Everyone.
There is no Party, Movement or Association that can bring about Change unless it is permeated profoundly with the Right Spirit.
The Right Spirit is the one that adheres to the New Paradigm.
It would seem by this that we wish to demonise the Old one, but this is not so, it is simply to accept the Reality while trying to understand How and Where a certain type of Politics has influenced Mankind.
Inequality is ever more Pronounced, and with This we do not refer to those who have one car with respect to those who have two, but the Inequality between those who have many cars and those who are starving.
This is unacceptable for Humanity, and should generate the Feelings of each one of us towards those who have nothing, and make us do a Self- Examination about our own behaviour without getting angry about Politics.
Let’s begin with Ourselves.
We will begin by thinking about our Behaviour, liberating our minds from Absurd thought that who wants to live adhering to the Cosmos and Divine Codes must necessarily be a Poor person, who renounces everything for others.
If Life gives you the Possibility ti Live well it is right that you should do so, but it is equally right that while Living well you do not neglect or forget Those who are less fortunate than you.
What can the Individual do?
We can help who is in need: who is near you, who Life has signalled to you and who touches your compassion, you care for.
What makes the enormous Difference, is the Spirit of Sharing and Collaborating with others which Permeates Everything, starting from the Lowest, from the Microcosm up to the Macrocosm, meaning the Politics that the States adopt regarding Poverty.
Why up to now has this not happened?
Because there has always been an “Infringement” from on high, by a few Individuals – described by you as “Powerful” ( but are only Miserable)- who have used the Masses for their own ends, and their own Contemptible Projects.
The Mass is awakening because they are beginning to Understand that the True Purpose of Life is not the one dictated by this Society, but by asking ourselves,Who are we, and to adhere to Life, to Evolution, and to make this Earthly Journey gratifying regarding the Energetic Plan, and not only a Practical one.
With these Certainties The Human Being is no longer willing to be exploited, because he wants to use the beautiful things that Life offers him, also Material things, but without any longer making them the basis of his way of Living: it won’t be so important to Have and Appear, but to Be will be important.
Politics must change because the people want it to, and here follows a very Unpleasant Consideration: Those who govern us, and have led Humanity to this Devastation, are none other that Reflections of Ourselves.
We, who have given Importance to the Appearance, favouring a certain Way of Living, and we have forgotten our Essence.
Politics will change when we do, but unfortunately, a real misfortune, Humanity changes through Misery, Suffering, Hardship, and Difficulties.
When however Humanity becomes Aware of this, it can change through Joy and Well- being, through Sharing with others, then Difficulties to make us Reflect will no longer be needed, because we have Reflected, the Reality has been Accepted: I am a Divine Being therefore I cannot be enslaved by Anyone. I must ashere to Standards of civilised and logical Behaviour, because I am not Alone but live with Others, and these Standards, these Rules cannot not suffocate me, forcing me to a Life of Hardship, Sacrifice, Humiliation and pain just because Other Beings, through My Life that is so painful and exhausting, become rich and prosper.
This is by now an Undeniable Reality.
Only he who hangs on to the Old methods cannot see it clearly.
However it is so evident, so clear that one really needs to be blind,slow-witted or irrational to not admit it.
The question is: who can be a Politician?
Who can be authorised, feel suitable to be a Politician with the New Parameters?
Only He who is used by Life in this way.
In the New Paradigm all the methods change, absolutely all of them.
This will be seen in many forms: Great Discoveries by Adolescents and Clamorous Upheavals will happen through people you consider Not Suitable.
Life uses precisely These People to make you think, to make you realise how necessary it is to sweep away All the Certainties on which is based this type of Society full of Snares, of Obstructions: a Society that pressures you, that limits you, that continually Humiliates you. You are no longer even Servants: you have become Slaves in How you Are, Think and Live so totally removed from what Life wants for You.
The New Way exists and has always been there: the Human Being must just re-discover it, make it his own, and so that this will happen Quickly, it is Necessary that All of Us become Saturated in Humility.
To not feel confident of one’s own Ideas, or of your actions, to constantly question yourself, comparing the Action with Feeling and the Reality.
If the Reality does not satisfy you, does not give you a feeling of Well-being, Joy, and not even Tranquillity, whatever you do or think will be wrong.
You can use this wrong Way of Living to understand something, but the Moment when you understand has to arrive because you cannot continue this Experience which does not give you Serenity or Well-being. You are only defending a Way of Life and Points of View which are totally absurd.
You are unsure of your Ideas and not believe in what you do, and continuously question yourself comparing Actions and Feelings with Reality.
If the Reality is unsatisfying and does not give me a sense of Well-being, Joy and even Tranquility,then the Way I think or Act will be Wrong. I can Live in this Way to understand Something, but the Moment must arrive when I understand and therefore Change, because living an Experience that does not bring me Joy etc., and I defend it, means that I am defending a Way of Life that is totally absurd.
It is a very simple issue, that could be defined as apathetic, but it is the only Parameter to distinguish what is right from what is wrong.
I repeat again: Life allows you to Live in the wrong way until you will reflect and arrive at the correct Way of Thinking.
If however I continuously postpone Changing and do not “soak” myself in Humility , and refuse to understand that my Certainties are the source of my malaise, what will the Result be?
I will have Failed, exalting my Personality to make me feel in the right, and not allow the New to Manifest itself through Me.
We must all reflect on the New: No-one has it automatically.We are all looking for it, experimenting it, and even if it already exists, we have to discover it and make it our own.

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