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Life is Energy


Life is Simplicity, so we will make an extremely simple Consideration.
Energy is talked about a lot: the New Energy, the Old Energy, and the Energy that permeates us, the Energy that flows….
We have all accepted that we are Energy, and Science has also demonstrated this fact.
What we must not do is give rules to this Energy, without having understood exactly what Energy is.
We cannot live constantly feeding Our Mental Part with Questions, trying to understand.
The moment has arrived to go from “understanding” to “perceiving”
To do this we must listen to ourselves.
Not so much Listening to Others, but to Ourselves.
When Thoughts arrive, we must simply ask ourselves, Why do we have this Thought and not a different one.
However we must ask with Lightness, in a Fluid way, without making Life too Heavy going.
The more we activate the Mind wanting to Understand, the less we listen to our Instinctive Part, Our “Inner Voice”
We all have an Inner Voice: the Voice of Our Instinct, that which tells us what is Right or Not Right for Us.
Why do many people say they can’t hear it?
Because the Noise is stronger than this Voice: because we turn on the External Volume, the Personality one, the Judgement of Others, everything that conditions us, silencing That which we profoundly feel is Ours.
Then we are sorry Not to have listened to What we felt (“I felt that it should be like this…”) but this always happens afterwards.
We must Live serenely, with Simplicity.
Let us try to “perceive” the SACRED part within us, the Voice of our Instinct, our Energy, our Superior Part, the Part that has custody of our Inner programming.
That is the Part that has always pushed us to realise what has been planned for Us, and reins us in when stirred on by Our Personality, we wish to follow a path that is not in Harmony with Our Programming.
At this Point, all Our Doubts, Fears, and Feelings of Inferiority arise, coming from the Fact that using Our Mind, we try to follow a Path that is unsuitable for Us.
Logically we can ask ourselves why this cannot be ours considering it is for so Many others: why if I have discovered This Path and wish to follow it, This Path cannot be Mine? Why now is Life holding me back and I feel afraid of following it?
The only answer is: THIS PATH IS NOT FOR ME.
Therefore I abandon it – even for a moment- and observe what happens, always remembering that Life is Love and will support me, that Life wants me to reach the Result that I have been Programmed for, because only like this can I contribute to Evolution.
Life has no interest in making things difficult for me.
When Difficulties arise and Fear, Uneasiness and Inadequacy are within me, then I am following a Path that can be Parallel to the one I should be following, or because I am following the Right Path but with Methods and Intentions that are not suitable for That Path.
Let us Reflect on the Simplicity of Life: It is impossible that the Human Being is left without Assistance.
It is Life that helps, supports and determines what happens in the Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Worlds…..why therefore should it stop in front of the Human Mind?
Between the Human Mind that wants Something and our Profound Instinct that blocks Situations, and provokes Uneasiness in following them, what is Right is always on the Side of our Profound Instinct.
Let us make an Act of Humility: closing down Our Mind, Our Mental Programming, our Desire to Appear at all cost, and let us simply be in a State of Being, in an Attitude of Deep Acceptance towards Life, with the Awareness that it cannot make Mistakes, because it has no interest in doing so, and is there to help us.
Let us try to Verify if the Situations change when our State of Mind alters.
We must not do it with the intention of Challenging Life (“I really want to see what it will do”) but because we profoundly feel that we Are Life, and we are Evolution.
We want to live that Divine Part that we have within us, that is Not offended, is Not Angry, is Not Afraid, Fears nothing: the intact Part that our Mind continually wants to subjugate to its Own Conditioning but without success, because Panic, Uneasiness, Malaise and Fear are all Allies of the Divine Part, and as such slows down the conditioning Intentions of the Mind aimed at Our Inner Self.
When We are in the Grip of Fear and Panic we do not think anymore about anything: we only have the need to re-establish Harmony once more within us.
However we must try not to get to this point: we must try to stop first.
At the first signs of Doubt and Anxiety…we must stop.
We must make ourselves very Small as Small as Possible. Closing down the Mind and listening to Our Inner Self creating a great Mental Silence: it will not be possible to not to “perceive” the Voice of Our Instinct.
It is there it is within Us!
At the beginning it could be unclear because we are not accustomed to listen to it, but when we move from “the desire to understand” to “perceiving”, to “feeling” the Situations, we position ourselves onto a High Energetic Frequency, and see Things in a different way.
We follow therefore a Path that is made of Solutions, Not Complications.
We must no longer clutch at straws, or struggle, because Life will give us Solutions when we are Able to resolve them, because within Us there are the Resources, the Capacity to resolve Those Situations and Not Others.
Remember that Life is Simplicity: and if we are too, and can Surrender to this, Abandoning Ourselves to the Flow of Life Accepting Love which must be lived in all it’s Elements (above all the Love towards Ourselves) then we will truly find the Solution for Everything.

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