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Life’s Priorities

There are Few Things that are really Important in Life.
Generally when you ask a Human Being what he Needs, his Priorities, if he is wise he will reply: Health, Harmony and Prosperity.
If the Person is very young, maybe he will put Health in second place, concentrating instead on Work, Love and Family.
However when Humanity will be Aware of its Self, and the Divine Vibration will Finally be ingrained in the Majority of the Individuals, the first thing that all Humanity – or at least a Part of It – will aspire to, is Harmony.
Without Harmony there cannot be Health, Tranquillity or Prosperity, because Prosperity without Harmony is lived badly, felt as a Duty but not Appreciated.
We must always remember that to Live Well, in Peace, we must be harmonious.
We must have an Inner Harmony that makes us Vibrate “In Tune” with the Divine.
All this is Simpler than it seems.
However, first of All we must empty Our Minds from False Expectations, Our Programming and – primarily – Our Fears.
If there is Something we dread, we must accept the Experience so that we can exorcise the Fear.
It is an Automatic Mechanism.
Being Aware of This, we must be very smart and careful not to be Frightened.
It isn’t because we are thoughtless but because we know that Life is Love, and protects Us, and only wants the Best for Us.
To be able to think of Life in this Way, automatically makes us Harmonious, and when a Person vibrates Harmoniously, then she can attract Harmonious Situations.
Even a complex Situation, which can be defined as Burdensome or Disturbing, if it is attracted by a Harmonious Person, it will immediately Change from a Burdensome Situation to a Resolved One.
All this is not Fantasy but a Reality that each one of us can Experiment.
When you are disharmonious, everything becomes complicated and Situations, instead of becoming lighter and resolved, become more complex.
Very often, the Human Being, thinks about the Effects, instead of the Cause of the Situation; why did This Situation come into my Life, why did I attract it? What do I have to learn from it?
This Way of Reasoning makes the Energy waste less time, and Favours the rapid Arrival of the Solution.
Try it out.
Do not look on Life as an Obstacle Race, feeling good because you did well.
Begin to think that you are tired of the Obstacles, and you don’t intend to attract them any more, and accept them as they are.
So then you will not live every Situation that arrives as an Obstacle, but as a Lesson that Life is offering you.
As Life is Love, it will teach you through the Problem as well as the Solution.
The more you are Harmonious, simple, fluid and Aware, the more the Solutions will be simple, sudden and obvious-
Your Life therefore, will not have Obstacles but a series of Lessons which will enrich you without tiring you, because to resolve Those Situations, you won’t need to struggle to find the Solution, but simply to understand why they are in your Life and then the Solution will arrive.
Try this out; observe how you deal with Situations, how much it costs you, all that fatigue to find the Solution when you are not in Harmony, – and how Easy instead, it becomes when you are Harmonious, and Accept the Lesson Life is Offering you, then the Solution arrives almost by itself.



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