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Let us be enveloped by Peace. A Peace so profound that it truly penetrates Every Cell Of Our Being. Only with the Absence of Thoughts can you obtain this Type of Peace. We are not Thinking Beings anymore, we are Cells that do not Need to think, because we are already programmed to do what is right. There is no Need to Think, we must just relax so that we can receive very clearly, the Input coming from the Inner Part of the Cell. Not Polluted or falsified by Our Thoughts. This Profound Peace must Neutralise All Our Fears. The Human Being’s Fears are many and diverse, but the dominant one is Fear of the Future and – following this – the feeling of being inadequate to deal with what the Future might have reserved for us. To attain Peace you only need to breathe deeply, concentrating on the HERE and NOW and ignoring other thoughts particularly Those concerning Tomorrow. Everything we do or Don’t do Tomorrow is already written within us, it is Part of our Programming, an essential Part of Us. It will manifest itself when the Moment arrives when it must be dealt with, Not before. It is absolutely useless wanting to manage the Future programming our Present on This. This is Not an Absurdity, but the Reality which Each one of You are living. How many Programs have been turned upside down, how many Situations have not been up to our Expectations, how many turnabouts has Life done, especially concerning Our Feelings, and we never saw it coming! This is Our Reality, even if We often forget about it. We obstinately want to program ourselves because We are insecure, we are afraid of what might happen, we don’t think we are good enough, unable to deal with what Life offers Us, and so we try to move ahead and prepare for the Future. Behaving like this we do Not fully Live in the Present, and we are always fed up, Waiting for a Future that Corresponds to Our Expectations. But absolutely No one can realise something that is not already foreseen in Our Inner Program. Our Job is to make sure that Everything Programmed for Us can be manifested, and dealt with as well as possible. Life has taken on the task of offering us Situations, and we must realise them to the Best of our Ability. The same Moment we are faced with Situations, they already have the Solution within them. The Pathway – if we manage to Be in Peace, silencing our Mind – will be very clear. All the Help that Life can give us will be visible, and the Obstacles will be simply Limits that make us move them a little, Not so that we don’t realise the Event, just simply to do it and get the Result that Life has foreseen for Us. Coherence must be Our Guiding Light. We must be so Coherent that even Our Cells are coherent, and our Bodies must always be Healthy to support Us on this Pathway. If we are not Coherent Our Body cannot support Us. We need Coherence to help us not to deviate from the Life Style we have chosen and want to Live. Also the Human Being who decides to live his Life programming it, continuously controlling it, dealing with Every Situation with the Fear of Failing – and therefore increasing the control over it _ must be coherent about This Type of Choice, convinced that she must trust herself and not Life. Instead, who puts Life First, allowing Life the job of administering the Situation, must be coherent with This Choice, and therefore Not interfere to “Deviate” Life’s Wishes in favour of her Own. Coherency is one of Those Vibrations that unless it is Not rigorously implemented, can provoke greater damage. Because Incoherence generates Disharmony which is harmful to the Energy. With the New Kind of Energy that NOW is permeating The Human Beings, Coherence is Not only useful it is necessary, but must go together with Humility. Coherence and Humility. Coherence in following the Life Style we have chosen for Ourselves. Humility in accepting everything that happens as a result of this Choice, but which we may Not always find to Our liking. The more we feel part of an Evolutionary Process, the more we will be coherent, humble, lighthearted and imaginative…and all This leads us to become creative beings, so that in the end we can create” That “ which previously would have seemed impossible that it could even exist. This is the Beauty of the New: when Life finds malleable, willing, coherent Channels, ready to serve Evolution, they will be made responsible for Things that are unimaginable on a Logical Level. Utopian Desires will happen without them being Necessary because they are not Thoughts that arise from the Mind. Sometimes we take refuge in a Utopia Because we are weighed down, tired and deluded by the Reality: Other Times instead we live a Personal satisfying Reality, and we do Not need Utopian Thoughts to remove ourselves from It, but even so, we will be called to realise Utopian Things. Up to this point, it has been Necessary to follow a long Thought Process using the Mind, but NOW we will let it Rest and return to the Sensations of Beatitude and Peace. We can Float on the Current of Our Energy which will take us from one Part to Another following an Objective that only the Energy knows. Having Faith and having Surrendered, we are Not Afraid of the Unknown: in this State of Peace, we simply ARE.

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