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Reunite with the divine within us


To talk about religion is wonderful, but to talk about spirituality is wise and on a higher level.
Let us talk about spirituality rather that religiousness.
When we reach spirituality we transcend religiousness, because there are no divergencies any longer.
Within us is the divine, and the divine is neither white, black, red or green. It does not belong to any particular coalition, but to everything, absolutely everything.
In understanding this, to be conscious that within you there is the divine force that wants to be heard, and wants you to live in a perfect way, must lead you to change your understanding of Life: to see others not as your brother, friend or another person, but as yourself.
The others are us, we are all the Whole, the other person really is our self.
So when we commit an offense against another person, we are doing it to ourselves.
This can be understood only when we have united all the Forces that permeate us, when we leave space for the Divine to really emerge in us, when we are able to close down the noise in our Minds, when we heal conflict, and when we are able to remove all the strife that unfortunately we constantly talk about.
We protest about things all the time: we take sides over something pointless, and go to war.
To understand that we have the divine within us and that it is the same for everyone, must lead us to live with great Awareness.
This is really the principle of Peace.
Male and female are One, just One.
Let us try to unite these two Forces, and we will find Peace and Harmony, and from us it will be passed on to others in an endless chain, and the world will be in Peace.


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