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When we speak about Self-awareness we must immediately Clarify what we mean by Self.
We are multi-dimensional beings, therefore we have various “layers”, or rather a multiple Self: mental, emotional and of the Personality.
To be Aware of these, not only gives us a deeper Knowledge of ourselves, but also the Key for living in a better way, to accept and love ourselves and make the right Choices for ourselves. Choices that cannot ignore Awareness because the Choices we are constantly called on to make can be dictated from time to time by one of these “layers”.
With the Mental Self there will be a logical, reasoned “Choice”, often made for Personal Interest or Appearances; the decision could also be useful and correct, but it still is a choice made with a procedure belonging to an Earthly vibration.
Then we can choose on the base of a more instinctive Self, more profound, that expresses our Energy; in that case it will be a decision that could possibly be unconventional and not understood by others, but will give you immense satisfaction and a sense of Peace.
Anyway it is Fundamental to be Aware of these “layers” of the Self.
When does the human being feel ill –at- ease with his life?
When there is a Disparity between what others expect of us, what seems logical and rational, and what is suggested to us instead by our interior Voice and Instinct.
This is the Moment of Truth: to what extent are we willing to listen to our interior Voice, the Instinct, or suffocate it to find approval from others, and not be “different” or labelled?
To live well, we must put our Minds to rest and try not to feed our Thoughts all the time. Just let them be there, without too much of our attention. We can analyze them just enough to understand why we have them at that particular moment, and then let them go.
Remember we can only analyze Thoughts with other Thoughts!
However Awareness can only be achieved through the Instinct.
It is not always clear why certain Choices come into our Lives; not everything that happens is limpid and logical: often there is Confusion. Situations that overlap in a contradictory way, Paths that we feel coerced to follow. We cannot follow two Paths at the same time when they are in contrast. All this must not make us Anxious or Afraid; we must understand that when we are faced with a Choice, it has already been decided by our superior Part.
The Situation, the Meeting, the Event would not come into our Lives unless we had attracted them.
Life is without Problems.
Life has Solutions.
Nature can demonstrate this: in Nature everything flows, and therefore there are only Solutions not Problems.
We have to reach this Awareness: I am a being of Energy; I am Energy.
Energy, vibrating on a certain Frequency, has allowed this external wrapping, my Body; this Body that depends so much on my Mind, on the rational Part of me, on my Thoughts, but I am also Energy, a “superior” frequency, an Energy guided by my Instinct.
The only Choice we are really called on to make is either to live in exclusive Harmony with the Mind, suffocating our Instinct, or Surrendering to Life, loving and acknowledging it.
When we insert in our thoughts – but even more in our “feelings” – this Certainty of Love for Life, and therefore Love for ourselves, there are no more Choices to make, because our superior Part has already Chosen for us: it has attracted that Event, that Situation, and it has decided how it must be developed, and the result that must be achieved, because that is what we need, it is the reason why we have attracted that Event into our Lives.
Not to make us suffer or to complicate our Lives, and not to exhaust us in the search for the Solution, but simply to deal with it, in a serene and mindful way, to arrive at the Result that Life had already anticipated for us.
This is not abandoning our logic, Commitment or our Free Will; it is becoming profoundly conscious that if we want to live only on a mental level, our more earthly Part, it is Risky, as this Part of us knows nothing of the Future.
Nobody can know the Future, or can be sure of the Result, or even know if this will produce the fruits that we want, the fruits for which we have invested so much Energy.
To relinquish this Part does not mean to ignore it but to be aware that it exists and love it for what it represents, giving it the right Tasks, those that will help us develop the Events and then wind them up in a practical and rational way, never forgetting that these Events have the input from our Instinct.
We know where we must go because our Instinct is guiding us, while our more rational Part is giving us the Means to follow that Path.
Life is simple, very simple when we have Self- Awareness.

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