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If the first Part of Life can be dedicated to getting to know our Characteristics, our Personality, our Self, another Part must be Serene, tranquil and flowing, because having understood that we can count on our Characteristics; we have also understood that certain aspects of our being should be quietened, and others should be enhanced.
We have decided to stop analyzing ourselves to get to know ourselves better, now we will take a step towards the self
“Perception” that coincides with Awareness.
We will not judge ourselves anymore or look at ourselves with the eyes of other people. We will not adapt ourselves any more to the Conditioning, the stereotype that is continuously recommended to us, but move forward to be ourselves, Aware in every Way.
Self-awareness is expressed in a great Love for ourselves, because Life cannot have made a mistake in making us like we are.
Life has given us our Characteristics; it is up to us to make the most of them, living the positive Part.
Characteristics are never completely negative or positive: in every Vibration and Characteristic there is the positive, negative and neutral.
It is up to us to live our “Positive” Part, but also being aware of the “Negative” Part.
Negative and positive in inverted commas, because nothing is absolutely right or wrong.
“Negative” is what makes us feel in difficulty, it conditions Life and puts a brake on our Journey.
We must be Aware of it, but not make it part of our Life even though it is part of us.
Thinking of ourselves as Positive does not make us perfect.
This Image is positive because we have decided to hush the negative Part, not to annul it, just not to activate it: it exists and works as a Counterbalance to the positive Part without being activated by us.
Self-awareness makes us automatically become an instrument to be used by Life.
How does Life use us?
It depends on the reason why we have chosen to come onto this Earth: each one of us has his own Task, even if we all have the Task of reaching Harmony.
To reach this Goal we all have our own Task, not one desired by the Mind, or wanted by others, or a shining Society victory, but simply by Adhering to ourselves.
When you hear people saying that they don’t know what the Purpose of Life is, the reply is always: to reach your interior Harmony.
Then Life will show each one of us our particular Task.
Life cannot use us if we do not reach this Harmony because the Vibrations of Disharmony are not compatible with the divine Plan.
Let the Awareness of being Part of Life permeate us, of being Life itself, to have come down on Earth to bring Harmony to our divine Fragment, to unite it to other Fragments and bring Harmony to all the Earth.
At this very Moment Awareness is growing, the real Meaning of Life is emerging, it is truly exploding.
Obviously we must depend on ourselves with Self-awareness, which doesn’t mean Egoism or Closure towards others, but simply Love for ourselves, to totally know and accept ourselves, always being aware of our Task: to reach Harmony.
Then the Second Part begins, where we become Instruments for Life.
Each of us has his Task, which will be easy, simple and effortless because Life uses us like that, without Fatigue, Suffering or Pain: it uses us in a simple way so that we can overturn the Vibration of Suffering that has permeated the Earth for so many years, changing it into a constructive Vibration of Joy, Awareness and Love.
We must not let ourselves be distressed or draw away from everything that happens, and is not in Harmony with what we have talked about: this also is necessary, and it is now known that the higher the Light goes the more we can see what was in the Dark.
In this Moment, NOW, things can be seen that were always there but seen in a different way, they were justified. NOW that the Light is permeating us, and is invading every corner of this Planet, we won’t allow certain abuses, and we call them for what they are: abusers.
There is no more logic that can justify them, because it is that same Logic that has almost brought the Earth to the edge of an abyss without Hope.
Let us Unite our Energy until the New Paradigm – that is already the Patrimony of many – consolidates and becomes the Patrimony of us all.
Let us unite the Force of Humility, as Cells of a Perfect Body, single Cells that we have programmed Perfectly.
Do not judge or criticize yourselves, just give of your very best.

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