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Self Esteem 3


In this precise moment that we are living NOW, the self-esteem theme is so heart-felt because we derive a sense of security about our way of living from it.
NOW the human being is disoriented and insecure, because there are no more fixed points, undisputed perspectives, and the future seems unpredictable.
Even the rain creates Fear.
You are not able to accept what you cannot control and this will create anxiety.
There is no acceptance of the event anymore, but the anxiety for the event.
NOW you need to go within yourself and use your very great capacity for introspection.
Feel like a wonderful cell that is not on Earth to suffer or to prove something, or to live in fear and anxiety, but just to have experiences. Fear and Anxiety prevent experiencing in a positive way, therefore your experiences become negative since through Fear everything seems deformed.
Instinctively, we would like to avoid situations that frighten us, but often these are the situations that can enrich us if we face them without Fear, allowing us to take a new step forward.
I repeat, we mustn’t base our confidence in ourselves about what we do, but about what we ARE.
As Energies, confidence in ourselves is automatic.
We need to know, to be sure, “to feel” that within us there is this Force, which is universal, great and powerful, it is neither Fear nor Anxiety, nor Error, but it is only here to have experiences.
We are a fragment of this Force.
Convinced of this, there isn’t any Anxiety, any Fear, any influence that others want to give us: we just have to go ahead, straight along our chosen path, because we are so adherent to our Being, so aware of being a universal Force, that we are not afraid of anything or anyone.

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