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Self Esteem

What can we do to increase our self-esteem?
What can we do in order to ensure that how we evaluate ourselves is realistic and not burdened with Fear and Anxiety or conditioned by others?
We need to step back and ask the same old questions: who am I? What am I?
Do I assess myself as a personality or as a cell of a wonderful body, as a part of the Infinite, part of the Eternal?
If I don’t answer this question, I won’t know which path to take.
If I say I am just a personality, just an earthly being provided with intelligence, common sense and sensitivity; with my human path influenced by education, family and society, then I’m going to base my self-esteem on what I can do, on what I can prove to myself and to others, and above all I’m going to be very careful, very sensitive to the feedback that my actions will have on others.
Conversely, if I think I am Energy, as the cell of a perfect body, as a divine being put on Earth to have experiences, I will not even search for self esteem, I will just want to love myself.
I will accept myself, I will love myself and consequently I will activate the powerful force of Coherence. I can assess myself when I am coherent with myself.
If I am not coherent, everything I say and do will always be rather ambiguous and have an instability that will not allow my unconscious to be happy, peaceful and harmonious.
If I want to have self-esteem, it must be based on what I feel I am and what I want to be.
Let me explain.
If I just feel I am a personality, a being provided with individuality who tends to prove something to himself and to others, then it will be hard to accept myself completely, because I will be influenced by everything that comes from outside, and I will always be stressed out by the need to demonstrate my value to others.
So the search for my self-esteem will be a false problem.
I will tell myself: I have to have self-respect, I have to have confidence in myself to live better, because right now I’m not living in the right way, and this is not due to a low self-esteem, but simply because I’m too influenced by the opinions of others, by the expectations of society.
According to this, self-esteem is therefore a false problem.
However, if I consider myself as a wonderful and divine being, and as such I admire and love myself regardless of the results of my actions, I can only respect and love myself, and be tolerant, especially when I make mistakes, when I’m sad, when I do something that I think I shouldn’t have done, and in hindsight, I realized it had damaged me.
I don’t lose the esteem for myself then, in fact I love myself even more, I welcome myself, I gather into myself, and trying to love myself as part of the divine, I go ahead without seeking self-esteem, but simply amplifying the love for myself.
This is an important step: when we feel we are Energy, all the conditioning of the mind has no more reason to be: we cannot find our inner Harmony in the ways the Mind suggests, but we simply have to search for it through the Instinct, reasoning as Energies.

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