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Self-Healing 4

We continue to talk about Self-Healing specifying that we can actuate our Healing in an autonomous way, but not a Solitary way.
What does this mean?
This means that I can be autonomous in my Actions trying to heal myself, but I cannot consider myself entirely responsible for the outcome.
This is because notwithstanding I with my Mind, my Intentions and my Perseverance, and my utmost belief in obtaining a Result in healing myself, the Result depends on many Components.
The first one is the Way I position myself with respect to the Universe: if I am positioned in the right Way, feeling part of the Whole, I will immediately understand that I am not alone, and therefore the Result cannot only depend on me, because being part of the Whole I must attribute it to everything.
Which is the most critical Passage for the person who wants and pursues Self-Healing?
It is precisely the feeling of one’s Self, to feel Responsible, the self burdening of Faults or Merits, instead it should be instinctive, rooted in your Thoughts – to feel part of the Whole.
Of course it is inevitable to feel at the mercy of one’s Sentiments, Thoughts, Personal Intentions, but we need to attribute them to the Whole, and not only to one’s Self.
Here is a concrete example.
A person who is seriously ill is fragile, his Reactions are different to those of a healthy person because he is physically weak, because he Suffers and above all because he Reflects on the meaning of Life.
When a person is ill, he prunes his Life of many things and many Thoughts and tries to get to the Essential.
To get to the Essential does not mean to annul the rest, but simply to not give excessive Importance, which we often do, to Things that are only marginal.
The sick person, who is more fragile, at the same time needs more Strength to face the physical Suffering and the Turbine of Thoughts that incessantly are with him.
It is almost normal that a person in this condition has a chaotic mental Activity.
Thoughts that overlap, that scream to be accepted, and all this does nothing else but create more exhaustion in the patient.
Using any means, one must try to bring Order within us, starting from what we have said: to feel part of the Whole, believe that these thoughts are generated by something unknown to us, something that is not clear; precisely because we do not want this Chaos of Thoughts, we often think that it is not us who either attracts or looks for them.
However this Chaos is necessary, because when we are worn out by these Thoughts, then we decide to ignore them, and let them go.
All this because we need Peace and Tranquillity, which arrives when we have understood that the process of the Illness, all our Self (Body, Soul, Spirit, the Unconscious) are involved in Overcoming this painful condition………as we see it, but instead it gives us a Reason to Reflect:
Illness as a moment of Introspection.
When we get to the moment when we wish for Peace, when we let our Thoughts go because we are no longer able to analyse them, and we simply accept them hoping they will go away quickly, then we are already at a good point.
We are on the right road towards healing ourselves.
We have reached our Essence: we no longer wish for external Reminding, and we feel that we do not need to prove anything to anyone; we know that we must simply welcome with great Love and Affection, without starting a self analysis that could create feelings of Guilt, Shame or Regret in us. We must simply accept ourselves as we are and at the same Time, think of improving ourselves, but with Tranquillity and Lightness.
When we began this road towards Self-Healing, and we were not alone: all our Selves participated, stimulated us and induced us to Reflect or to Absence of Thoughts.
We are perfectly Aware that we do not manage our Emotions, they surface of their own accord.
We have already said previously that we are multi dimensional beings, and that these Sensations and Emotions, at the moment when the Illness causes Fragility, is the open Door for Emotions and Sensations that come from Parallel Universes, from Parallel Lives.
It has already been said that the Management of the Parallel Lives of which we do not have Knowledge NOW, we must begin to activate a very great Love for ourselves, a profound Acceptance of what we Know NOW, and of what we do not Know Now (but we are certain that exists).
The Rock we collide with (because we cannot see that it is really
a Lifeline) is not being able to accept ourselves, and to have little Faith in ourselves, and consequently we do not believe that we can heal ourselves. We don’t feel adequate to help ourselves and so let the Mind focus on everything about ourselves that we think is negative.
Most people collide against this Rock.
You must however look on it as the Rock of Salvation, in the middle of the frenzy of the Mind and the Confusion of the Emotions, not forgetting the Sensations of Despair that assail the patient.
We must see this Rock as a Lifeline, and accept all our Weaknesses, because accepting them we can emit an extreme Love for ourselves.
This is Salvation.
There is no Healing without a profound Acceptance and an unconditional Love for us.
The more we see our Defects and Shortcomings, the more we judge ourselves miserable and ailing failures.
We must Love ourselves because we have not yet understood that Life is not all Pain and Suffering, but Love and Joy.
We must Love the part of us that is Suffering because only with Love are we able to raise the vibration up and change negativity into Positivity, Pessimism into Optimism.
Only in this way are we able to heal ourselves.
We must have a Force which is determined, certain, secure and limpid, and “feel” that we are in contact with ourselves, that we are doing something for us but WE ARE NOT ALONE.
We, as part of the Universe, make use of all the Force and Power of this Universe.
Always go back to the example of the Cell of the body, which is not alone because it is part of the Body, and from this receives nourishment and everything it needs to be well.
The same thing happens to you: Macrocosm with regard to the Cell, and Microcosm with regard to the Universe.
Within you there is a perfect divine programming for you to be well.
Surrender yourselves to the Certainty that you are not alone.
Let it be clear that to be Healed you must act personally with the greatest Commitment, but not alone, because you will be helped by all the Forces of the Universe.
Let the Love for yourselves permeate you completely, love yourselves, accept yourselves: it is the safest, certain, quickest Road for healing yourselves.


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