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Self-Healing 5


To believe in self-healing must become a Rule for the Human Race of the Third Millennium.
When we are convinced that we are Body, Soul and Spirit United with the whole Cosmos, then we must also understand that every Problem we have to face, has within it the Solution.
Therefore, also the solution of an Illness, which has always been conducted by Others (doctors, medicine etc.) must become for the Human Race of the Third Millennium, helped by the powerful creative New Energy – the Rule.
After surviving the Illness, our first thought must be to ask ourselves, how should we interpret this, what aspect of Life must we make harmonious; afterwards we must understand that in each one of us there are all the necessary instruments to overcome Problems.
This doesn’t exclude the possibility of external help or support, which will be attracted by those who have understood that they must depend on themselves.
However, even here one must consider that there is a fine line that can make Life constructive or destructive.
Regarding the human beings’ Illness, to find oneself in a condition of Weakness and Confusion because not totally in “possession “ of one’s Body and physical Vitality, it is easy to fall victim of agitation.
Now the individual has two possibilities.
The first is to understand if this Confusion is telling us something that we can cope with. In this case with great determination we put ourselves in the Condition to activate the right Resources to deal with the Illness.
These resources, that firstly will come from within us, will attract the External needs for the healing (doctors, medicine etc.)
When instead, the individual is in the grip of Confusion caused by the aggravation of an unhealthy state, he will let himself believe that there is no way out because he is too weak, and is not able to do anything about it, so declines into a state of Passivity. He will then expect solutions from the Doctors etc. a Solution that won’t arrive because he is without the necessary Strength to attract it.
Even if we are talking about very fine lines, we must consider that the first most important thing is not to lose faith, put up with the Confusion that is created, accept the Physical that doesn’t respond to what we want, and understand that it isn’t a Punishment, but simply a path where Life is teaching us something.
If before we learnt in a perfect Form, NOW we must learn with a reduced and inadequate Form.
Once we have accepted this, we must have the Force to avoid making a drama of it, and to live it as temporary moment.
If we accept the Illness as definitive, then it becomes so, because we cannot retract it alone.
If we accept the Illness as a progressive Worsening of our condition, then that is what it is.
If on the other hand, we accept it totally as a Life experience, we will know how to deal with it, and maybe even manage to recover.
This is not an Illness that we have to take into another dimension, but simply an Experience that must teach us something, make us understand that we have to deal with a Process that can be absolutely Reversed.
The Healing will take place when we have understood and put into practice the Teaching that the Illness is offering us.
Therefore do not despair or be discouraged, but accept with great Humility what Life is asking of you with all its Strength – with clarity, indicating where we must go, offering us the right Solutions, and above all, not to make us lose our love for Life, which must continue even during the Illness, which in Reality is nothing else but Love for ourselves.


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