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How can you silence your Mind?
It seems absurd: how can your Mind be silent, if it has to give life to your thoughts?
However, we need to silence it.
We must then begin to see our mind as something that belongs to us, as a wonderful, beautiful and perfect tool, but also very … mischievous.
Mischievous mind parameters are based on an earthly frequency and, consequently, mischievous mind leads to stimulations and conclusions that belong to the energy of the Earth.
We can accept them or not, but we must be aware that it is their nature, and this is what our Mind offers.
Mind can understand, but cannot feel. It can’t love, because love belongs to Energy.
We have to understand that we are not only a physical body, like the mischievous mind wants us to think, but Energy lives in our bodies. If we understand how Energy works, we figure out that only Energy can “feel”. Then we begin to keep distance from our Mind and we understand that its being mischievous is like an alarm bell. We don’t have to accept all that our Mind offers.
We must learn to control our Mind.
When our Mind is fundamental?
When we need a logical path, when we have to find ways to solve a problem or situation.
Logic is a feature that belongs to our Mind.
But our Mind should act using logic only to find solutions to situations raised by Instinct and Energy.
We must “feel” that a certain thing is right, we have to do it, and then our Mind will help us.
A simple example: if I have to go to Rome because I “feel” it is right, my Mind will tell me how to go there (by train, airplane…)
In this case my Mind acted, but my Instinct made the decision. I didn’t only think, I even “felt”.
If we know the limits of our Mind, considering it a practical help to support us, we understand that it is also right to silence it when we need to “understand” and “feel”.
If you acted in a way you didn’t like and the you feel guilty about it, thinking over and over again about your behavior, you worsen your discomfort. You gave too much space to your Mind.
Sometimes you “feel” your behavior was not right, but you cannot understand why. In this case, you must picture your Mind and “lock” it, telling it: “I’ll tell you later what I figured out: shut up, now!”.
It is important that you picture it and focus on your feeling, so that your Mind becomes silent.
When you think about a particular episode, you don’t concretely think about it, but about what you felt in that situation.
You think about what happened without seeking the causes. You don’t want to analyse it, but you just care about your feelings and your discomfort.
In Silence – Silence always helps – we will understand why that episode didn’t go as it had to, why we reacted in a way that we think it is wrong.
In this way we don’t worsen our mood, but we can evaluate the facts more serenely.
Meanwhile, our mischievous Mind, that doesn’t want to keep silent, will act again HERE and NOW and we authorise it.
HERE and NOW must lead to concentration, so that our Mind will put effort into something concrete.
In this way we can “feel” our Instinct without any mental interference.


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