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Lightness is important: you have to be light.
When we face annoying events or situations we don’t have to play the victim and think about how to escape it. On the other side, we don’t have to feel we are great when we attracted a gratifying situation.
You have to live everything with Lightness together with Awareness. I attracted this event and I face it because it is through this that I can learn something.
When Life makes us decide quickly, when we are anxious and afraid of making mistakes, the best way to avoid the so-called “mistake” (“experience” sounds better) is to stop: we DON’T want to decide, and we wait for signs from Life.
If that experience belongs to us, and I mean we attracted it because it is useful, no one can take it away.
We don’t have to be afraid of losing the opportunity of a lifetime, or be cheated of something unless we decide NOW, IMMEDIATELY.
Life doesn’t wait for us to be distracted in order to take away what is right from us. Life will give it to us again when we will be able to accept it and manage it.
When we make ourselves as small as possible in front of Life and we wait for signs, we express a great Humility, which leads us into direct contact with the cosmic Force. This allows us to float in this wonderful Universe in a conscious and harmonious way, without being blocked by our personality.
But why does personality obstruct us?
Because it is big and bulky, and it occupies all our thoughts. Consequently, we need to make ourselves small and reduce ourselves to a single cell, waiting for signs of Life, being sure that these signs will occur because we are able to attract them.
With deep Humility, we are going to wait for the signs and then we will be able to decode them in the best way.
We won’t read them with the perspective we prefer, but with the perspective suggested by Life.
When we face an obstacle, we don’t have to work harder in order to overcome it, but we have to accept it as a fundamental point given by Life.
Life is saying: “Stop! Stop and think: maybe the right way is next to you, and it isn’t the one you are going through … Maybe this experience is not right for you, even if you think it is”.
All this will be clear, very clear, only if we will be permeated with a delightful mood, which will lead us to abandonment, and you can have it only if you don’t take it too seriously.
These tips are simple, linear, and once they are ours and they are rooted in our way of thinking, we will have no more doubts about what is right for us or which is the correct path to take. This is because we have acquired a real and concrete attitude that makes us listen to ourselves.
We listen to ourselves, we wait for the signs from Life and we know how to decode them, because we asked for them with such / Humility, that we won’t confuse our goals anymore, with those that Life wants to reach… through us.


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