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SUCCESS – Carla Parola Interviewed by F.Tassone

In the Era we live in, Success is talked about continuously: everyone searches for it, but few really know what it is.
How can we define Success and how can we achieve it?

Let us distinguish between two types of Success.
One is relative to the Vibration of Appearance, and consists of obtaining a Recognition of something you have done, which is appreciated and held in high esteem by Others.
Then there is Success in Our Lives, which coincides with Harmony.
When we manage to live a Life in Harmony with Ourselves, it is a very great Success, because everything starts from here.
We create Harmony around Us, in Our Relationships, and we are disinterested in material Success achieved at any price.
Sometimes we are obliged to sell Ourselves to become Successful, doing Things that otherwise we would not have done, if we had not been blinded by the Mirage of Success.
Then the result is Managing Success, and the Fear of losing it, precisely because it has been reached by using False Methods.
It is all a Waste of Energy.
Everyone should strive for Success if it brings Happiness, Tranquillity and Peace.
We continue to see around us very Successful People who are extremely tormented, and are Not satisfied at all.
I truly believe that we should search for Success from Our Energetic Part, meaning Our Harmony: Success is being for example, Well Balanced Parents, and having Relationships that last.
I repeat, Success is being in Harmony with yourselves and having Faith, without being afraid of Life or Death.
These are the authentic Successes we must search for. All the rest can make us happy and satisfied for a Moment, but will not give Us Serenity for a long period, because the Fear of losing it will always be around the corner, and We will be compelled to waste evermore Energy to keep it.

De facto, but who searches for Success has Never known Harmony – and here we mean it as True Success – it is easy therefore that he betrays himself searching for a Happiness that often becomes more distant.
What then could be the most effective way to pursue Success but reach it adhering to Oneself?

Let us go back and repeat that Success should Not be one of the principle Objectives of Our Life.
We must be so wise to remember that we are a Cell of a Body that has been assigned to Accomplish the Programming within it, and if in this Programming Success is expected, then it will happen.
If on the other hand we search for it, without taking into account Our Programming, it is only to fill a Void.
It is not a mistake to want it, because anyway using all these Energies- we will know Ourselves better, we will realise where we can get to, but we must be Smart enough to be Aware of the Signals that Life sends us: that Success is within Our grasp or is it far away? Is it continuously full of barriers? And why does this happen?
We should see it as one of the possible Roads to take, but Not the only one.
To focus on Success means to focus on getting Recognition from Others, wanting to be famous, the admiration of Others.
Why all this?
Because we are Not content with Ourselves, and therefore we see Ourselves through the Judgement of Others: if so many admire me, compliment me..then it means that I am a Successful person, otherwise I am worthless.
This results in an incredible Fatigue, because then we must always Live up to the Expectation of Others.
Can I put up with this Fatigue or not?
It is a Question we must ask ourselves.
This Question however goes back to the early stage, from the Moment when we should be able to understand why we need Success.
We could have travelled many Other Roads, having that Experience only for the Pleasure of doing it: the Joy of singing, making Music for the Joy of doing it – and so on.
It does not mean that I must be Successful: I can be fulfilled simply by what I do.

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