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The Darkness of the Soul


At this moment, there are many, even multitudes of people who are asking themselves what the Darkness of the Soul is.
These are particular Moments that Humanity is experiencing: there is a “Reshuffling” of the Energy: there is a New Energy, completely new, with new parameters, and a new Functionality compared to the Energy of the past.
To be in Vibrational Harmony with this Energy, one needs to be in energetic Harmony.
The energetic Harmony is not only the one experienced in the earthly form the individual is facing NOW, but it comes from having harmonised all the frequencies of all the parallel Universes where the Energy “lives”
For this reason I repeat, that a multitude of individuals are disoriented, and feel this Darkness of the Soul.
It seems that the superior part of the Self is not sending out signals, it feels disconnected from the Whole, it has the precise and painful feeling of being alone in the Universe, almost rejected by the Superior Force, the Divine Force.
However, it is a sensation sent by the Mind because the Energy only sends a State/ Condition, that the individual perceives as Darkness.
It is the absence of stimuli, of Thoughts, an amorphous Life in contrast to what that individual was always used to.
This is a delicate Phase which must be dealt with great Wisdom and above all, with great, profound Humility.
Make yourselves very, very small, do not pretend to have the Answers, do not try to understand why Now the password is
We must Accept the Events and our State of Mind, total Acceptance of this Darkness that permeates all our Being.
There is nothing to Fear from Darkness, it can also be a friend, it can envelop and cradle us. It can also be a Darkness that hides situations that must not be clarified, that the Mind must not know.
So Darkness can also be Beneficial.
For those of us who are living this Moment of Darkness, there is need for Silence, not for Planning. Do not draw attention to yourselves and let the Situations flow, almost without being aware of it.
To Acknowledge the Situation, somehow encourages the Desire to Understand it, while in Darkness, it is much more difficult to orient yourself and understand.
We need to be in a Passive state of Acceptance immersed in Humility.
At this Moment, we are so very small, so very tiny and fragile, that all we need is Silence, Peace and Tranquility.
We must accept this Situation Conscious of one thing: we are not looking for it because we want to surpass it, but it is something we have attracted into our Life because it is useful, and we need it, because through this Darkness we can harmonise all our frequencies.
We must not despair or feel abandoned by the vital Force, the Divine Force, because now it is extremely active.
We are in a black hole.
We are simply transforming our Energy so that it can Harmonise.
This is Certain: at the end of this Darkness there will be a magnificent LIght.


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