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When I talk about negativity I mean negative wakes, negative thoughts and negative frequencies.
Generally speaking, negativity is something that is linked to others creating negativity and sending it to us. In this way, we are surrounded by a negative field.
It is necessary to be clear about this issue, especially if you are living hard and tough moments and you have to find the right balance.
Negativity doesn’t mean finding an excuse for not giving the best of yourself when you face the events that Life offers.
Remember: we attracted these events because WE are Life.
The human being is Energy, it is part of the Whole and the Whole is Energy, so it includes the human being.
The human being made up of Energy is always subject to the Energy “rules”, “rules” that make the Energy “move, act, work” in a certain way, with its own parameters. Mankind hasn’t figured them out yet, but they have essential basis.
The human being, since it is human, is surrounded by an energy field, which can be positive, negative or neutral.
We are not thinking about what is good or what is bad, but simply about the polarity of Energy.
This energy creates the energy field and it is still linked to the Whole that surrounds it. Depending on the energy field it creates, it is subject to certain characteristics.
In the positive field, Energy will always attract positive situations because it’s what it is looking for.
In the negative field, Energy will always attract disharmonious situations.
Why do people say that a positive person is unlikely to be taken by negativity?
Because the positive energy field around a positive person is like a shield.
This shield cannot be crossed by different polarities, mainly because it doesn’t attract them, and because they do not have the opportunity to cross it.
This is the concrete.
When we talk about negative fields it doesn’t necessarily mean talking about substantial, heavy and definitive fields. You can even find a field that lies between negative and neutral, but that is not positive.
Only the positive field protects the human being from the negativity surrounding it, thanks to its shield “shape”.
When the field is mildly positive, mildly negative or even neutral, the negative Energy has more opportunities to be assimilated by this kind of fields.
In this way the human being comes into a trail where nothing runs, nothing is related, where the coincidences are only negative, if there are any coincidences.
Negativity doesn’t mean punishment, but it is an event of Life that we attracted because it is through it that we have the opportunity to think and bring out our strength, that otherwise we wouldn’t use. This is one of the reasons why so many people who feel affected by the negativity do not make the right reflection: how much strength did I use to stop the negativity that constantly crossed me?
Considering this force means recognising that there is a positive spur within us that we pull out only when induced by an external negativity.
The negative is always functional to the positive, because life itself is positive, negative and neutral, but it is the positive that “builds”, not the negative.
The negative part cannot build because it is part of the demolition. It balances the positive, but you cannot activate it.
Events must be positive because in the positivity you have the realisation, the Evolution, and planets and races moving forward.
You are so feared of the negativity because you do not know it.
However, if you consider it a Force that must balance the positive, then it is accepted in another way.
It acts as a incentive to pull out our best and to overcome obstacles.
If we make this reflection, and we are grateful to Life even for the obstacles it gave us, since they made us bring out our best, we get into a positive trail.
The negativity slowly decreases and it can no longer reach us.
It doesn’t matter if exists, as it is as if we were in a cocoon from which we can hear what it is happening outside without being hit.


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